We, at Apptivo, are happy to announce that a huge list of features has been deployed in the last release on November 18, 2017. The following are the list of new features which were deployed in this release:

  • Kanban View in the Leads App
  • Qualification Cycle in the Leads App
  • Contacts By Status (Active & Inactive)
  • Import in the Orders App
  • Alert Popup for Customer Items Order in the Orders App
  • Email tab changes
  • Contacts Customer Auto Association in the Calendar Sync
  • Added Scotland in the Country Dropdown
  • Implemented the Range option for Function attributes in the Invoices App
  • Restricted relocating of the Project Budget Standard Fields in the Projects App


Leads App

  • Qualification Cycle in the Leads App – The Qualification feature in the Leads App encompasses all the activities in advancing a lead. It is a step-by-step process, defining a set of lead statuses. Using this, you can create your own qualification cycle having the required lead statuses. By default, the leads app follows the “Default Lead Statuses” qualification cycle.

    Note: This Qualification Cycle feature in the Leads App is similar to the Sales Cycle in the Opportunities App.


  • Kanban View in the Leads App – Similar to the Opportunities App, we have now added the Kanban View feature in the Leads App. This will work based on the Lead Statuses, allowing you to perform the status conversion, by an easy drag and drop method. This Kanban view can be enabled for all the possible standard views and custom views present in the left navigation panel. Based on any view, you can have the Kanban View of all your leads. The Kanban View layout can be customized as per your requirements. It lets you define the fields, which you would like to view in the Kanban card view.

    Also based on the selection of the Qualification Cycle, you can view the leads grouped under the specific statuses of a qualification cycle.


Contacts App

  • Contacts By Status (Active & Inactive) – We have added the “Status” field in the Contacts App, where you can create Statuses according to your requirements. This will give you the ability to filter your contacts based on their statuses from the left navigation panel, by clicking on “By Status”. By default, the Contacts App provides you with two statuses:
    • Active
    • Inactive

    You can also customize the visibility of the statuses, by clicking on “Settings” -> “Contacts” -> “Statuses”. If the visibility of the status is in disabled mode, the contacts with that particular status will be hidden from search results and views, unless explicitly searched for (Advanced Search).

    Note: To view this Status field in the Contacts Creation and Overview page, existing users must enable the “Status” field from the Contacts App Settings -> Customize App -> Master Layout -> Hierarchical View -> Contact Details -> Status.

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Supply Chain

Orders App

  • Import in the Orders App – We have enhanced the Orders App to support the feature of importing. You can now import orders in bulk from a CSV file which creates orders accordingly, reducing the time and effort of manual work.

    Note: You need to download the standard template attached in the Orders App, fill it with required values and then do the import.


  • Alert Popup for Customer Items Order in the Orders App – The “Customer Items Order” option in the “Create” dropdown found in the left navigation panel of the Orders App, lets you create orders by selecting the required customer from the list. On selecting the customer, all items associated with that customer will be displayed, from where you can select all items or necessary items and create orders by just entering the required quantity.

    Now consider, for a customer, you have selected 5 items but the required quantity is not filled for 2 of those items. In that case, this feature throws an alert popup as shown in the image below:



  • Email Tab Changes – To increase the look and feel, we have enhanced the appearance of the “Emails” tab present in the homepage as well as in all the other apps by changing the “Inbox”, “Sent”, “Drafts” to respective icons, enabling easy differentiation.


  • Contacts Customer Auto Association in the Calendar Sync – We have updated the feature of calendar sync, that is, when a calendar event is synced from Google or Office 365, the relevant customer associated with the contact will also be added to the “Associated With” field of that event.
  • Added Scotland in the Country Dropdown – We have added “Scotland” in the “Country” drop down found in the “Address Information” in all the apps.


Financial Management

Invoices App

  • Implemented the Range option – We have enhanced the Function Attribute field in the Invoices App, to support searching using the desired range. That is, in the Advanced Search, you can now search for an invoice by entering the required range in the particular function attribute.

    Note: To search for an invoice using the desired range in the function attributes, go to Invoices App Settings -> Customize App -> Master Layout -> Function Attribute -> Slide the toggle ON for Range under Search section in the Inspector tab.


Project Management


  • Restricted relocating of the Project Budget Standard Fields – In the Projects App, we have restricted relocating of the Project Budget’s standard fields – “Project Total Fee”, “Amount Invoiced”, “Amount to be Invoiced”. .

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