On March 25, 2017 we released an update to all Apptivo customers, where you’ll find a complete list of changes below. The key features in this update include:

  • Email Template Changes (UI level)
  • Dynamic Targets in Targets App
  • Edit Feature in Campaign Template
  • Multi Currency support in entire Financial Apps
  • Estimates App Notifications
  • Security Actions in Estimates App
  • Properties App Integration with Opportunity App

Marketing Updates


  • Email Template Changes (UI Level) – We have done sophisticated UI level template creation feature. This allows you to construct the email template by just clicking on the required attributes you would like to include on it. email-template-ui-change
  • Dynamic Targets – You can include targets based on your desired criteria which will be fetched from the Employees, Leads, Contacts and Customers App. If the setup criteria gets satisfied, then targets are automatically added under your target list. Also, you can build up different criteria for each app.
  • Template Edit Feature – We have included the edit feature in the “Template” tab in the Campaigns overview page. It allows you to edit the template by adding fresh attributes or reforming existing things or delete.

Financial Updates

  • Multi Currency SupportWe have enabled the multi currency support for all the financial applications. You are now able to perform the conversion process, which will proceed as per the conversion rates in all the places wherever you have the amount.
  • Estimates App Notifications – We have added few more notifications on Estimates App. It will let you know when your estimates are approved, rejected and change requested. This will keep you engaged in both ways of news feed and email feed.
  • Properties App Integration with Opportunity App –  This integration will reflect the properties information in the Opportunities App. For that, you need to enable the toggle of brokerage and property management. Once enabled, you can perform the actions like create new properties, search & select and close the properties in the Opportunities App.
    properties app-integration

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