We are happy to inform you that, on June 17, 2017 we have released an update that are significant, where you’ll find a complete list of changes below. The key switches in this update include:

  • Global Search
  • Dynamic Width in Kanban
  • Sales Stage Activities in Paid Plans
  • Views in Kanban
  • Search & Select in Highlighting
  • Sales Stage Fields
  • List Layouts in Leads ( Mobile)
  • Contract Template & Print PDF
  • Employees Reference App in Invoices App
  • Communication Types in Invoice PDF
  • Table Header Alignment
  • Communication Types in Estimates PDF


  • Global Search – We have made the new search functionality called “Global Search” available in the Home page. For anything you would like to search inside the entire App, you need to type in the search field in the universal navigation bar. It displays the list of apps which are enabled in the App store. Here you can find the search results based on what you typed in the search box.
    Note: Global search results will be applicable only for Version 6 Apps.


CRM Updates


  • Dynamic Width in Kanban – We have enclosed the “Card Properties” (Dynamic Width) for Kanban layouts. By just clicking on any layout section, it displays the card properties. Here you can provide the width (in pixel) that would you like to proceed in Kanban view. This width should be between the range of 270 pixel to 500 pixel. In case your pixel is rock bottom or exceed than the mentioned limit then it will automatically take the default value as 270 px or 500 px.


  • Sales Stage ActivitiesWe have switched “Sales Stage Activities” to all paid plans.
  • Views in Kanban – We have added few more views such as “My Views”, “Shared Views”, and “Custom View” in the Kanban view. By default it will be in disabled mode. You need to enable those views through “Opportunities” -> “Settings” -> “Views” -> “Lists”. Here you can find the newly added views and can toggle on if needed.


  • Search & Select in Highlighting – In the Opportunities App, we have opened up access for fields like “Assigned To”, Customer, “Contact” and “Reference App” in opportunities row highlighting, allowing you to search and select the information.

_search_&_select_ in_highlighting

  • Sales Stage Fields – In the Opportunities App, we have added the following “Sales Stage Fields” – “Probability, “Visibility”, “Allow Probability Override” and “Sales Plan Category” to the overview page of the Sales stages also. With that you are allowed to perform the edit actions.



  • List Layouts in Leads (Mobile) – In the Leads App, we have implemented a new feature for designing your mobile layouts which is available under the “Leads” -> “Settings” -> “Customize App” -> “List Layouts”. Using that you are allowed to create a layout which is automatically reflected in your Mobile Leads App. This feature contains two ways, whether to go with “Default Layout” or “Blank Layout” according to your business requirements.
    Note: For “Default field” in the mobile layouts, the limit should not exceed 6 attributes and for “Long Press Detail Fields” it should be a maximum of 10 attributes.



  • Contract Template & Print PDF – We have enclosed “Template” tab & “Print PDF” button in the Contracts App overview page. Also when you enable the Contract Integration, you can find the section which displays the “Create” option for generating a new template. The next newly added attribute is the “Removed Attributes”. By default, it will be in disabled mode. To enable, go to “Settings” -> “Master Layout” -> ”Removed Attributes”. Once enabled, you can get a clear view of contract template attribute in the creation page.

    It also reflects in the Opportunities that are created by associating it with contract. Herewith, we have given option for print PDF in the Opportunities App.


Financial Updates


  • Employees Reference App in Invoices App – In the Invoices App, we have enhanced the “Employees App” in the native row of reference object details. So you can search and select the employees you would like to add as a reference in your invoice.


  • Communication Types in Invoice PDF – We have increased the contact information which are shown in the Invoice PDF. If you have attributes for communication like “Mobile”, “Fax” & “Other”. All of that will be displayed, when you are previewing or printing the Invoice PDF. In case your invoice has any one of your contacts, their phone details are also displayed, separated by comma, one by one.
    Note: What are all the communication types added in the settings, all those details will be reflected in your Invoice PDF.



  • Table Header Alignment – In the Estimates App, we have added align tab for “Table Header label”. It allows you to changeover the estimate table header label alignment in “Left”, “Right” and “Center”.


  • Communication Types in Estimates PDF – We have enhanced the communication attributes which are shown in the Estimates PDF. If you want your estimate with more contact information like “Mobile”, “Fax” and “Other”, you can get those phone attributes details in your Estimates PDF.


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