On February 18, 2017 we released an update to all Apptivo customers, where you’ll find a complete list of changes below. The key changes in this update include:

  • Template tab in Campaigns app
  • Test Launch under Template tab
  • Launch button in Campaigns app overview page
  • Bounced reason in Campaigns app
  • Refresh button added in Consolidated Targets
  • Testimonials app upgraded to Version 6
  • Patents app upgraded to Version 6

Complete Release Notes By App

Marketing Updates:

    • Template Tab- We have added the “Template” tab in Campaigns. This feature enables you to view the email template selected in the “Email Template” dropdown. Once an email template is selected, the content of that template can be viewed in the “Template” tab.
    • Test Launch- Clicking on “Test Launch” in the “Template” tab, will launch a test email. This enables you to have an overview of how the campaign emails will be launched to your targets. The count of the test launch will not be tracked in any of the places inside campaigns.
campaigns test launch
    • Launch Button- We have added the “Launch” button in the overview page of the campaigns. This allows you to launch the campaigns from the overview page itself.
    • Bounced Reasons- While sending campaigns, if an email is bounced, this feature enables you to view the bounced reasons in the corresponding object’s (leads, customers & contacts) overview page.
    • Consolidated Targets- This feature consolidates the target list. Consider, you are adding a target list of size three (a lead, a contact & a customer) with the same email address. In that case, the list will be consolidated and the campaign will be sent out only once.
  • Testimonials– Testimonials app switched to V6

Product Management Updates:

  1. Patents– Patents app switched to V6

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