On February 10, 2017 we released an update to all Apptivo customers, where you’ll find a complete list of changes below. The key changes in this update include:

  • Share Custom Fields ( Opportunities & Estimates )
  • PDF Builder ( Section Title & Attributes Width )

Complete Release Notes By App

CRM & Financials Updates

Custom Fields: Added sharing custom fields in Opportunities, & Estimates. Share custom fields from one app to another. Create a custom section with number of custom fields to have a detail relationship to another object. You can view the values of custom fields that are shared.

  • Opportunities – Added custom section sharing toggle button in Estimates & Invoices. You can switch it on/off according to your requirements.
  • Estimates – Added custom section sharing toggle button in Projects, Work Orders, & Invoices. You can switch it on/off according to your requirements.

Common App Updates

PDF Builder: We have added a new customization in PDF builder, which are Section’s Title and Attribute’s Width.

  • Section Title – You can hide the Section Titles of your PDF by On/Off the toggle button in Print/Web Layouts. The result will be automatically reflected in the print PDF and preview mode.
  • Attribute’s Width – With this new Attributes Width customization, you can perfectly customize the width’s of both Label and Value formats of any attributes, as shown below.

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