We are pleased to announce that a notable list of features has been deployed in the last release on December 02, 2017. The following are the list of new features which were deployed in this release:

  • Added Advanced Search in Purchase Order App
  • Pricing Feature in Header and Line Level – Invoices App
  • G Suite (OAuth) IMAP New Integration
  • Bulk Export in the Properties App

Supply Chain Management

Purchase Order

  • Added Advanced Search in Purchase Order App – We have added the Advanced Search feature in the Purchase Orders App, similar to all other apps. By clicking the search button’s down arrow in the header bar, you can view the advanced search window. This feature gives you the ability to search using multiple search fields.

    For instance: If you want to search for all the purchase orders with “Status = Sent” for a particular supplier (H&C Unit), enter the details as shown and click on the “Search” icon:


    The results will be displayed as shown in the image below:

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Financial Management

Invoices App

  • Pricing Feature in the Header and Line Level – Besides having the Price List associated with the customer category, we have now added this feature as an individual field, which can be included in both the header level and line level. This position of the Pricing can configured from the Settings -> Invoice -> Pricing.


    Note: To view this Pricing field in the Invoices Header and Line level section, you need to enable the “Pricing” field from the Invoices App Settings -> Master Layout -> Hierarchical View.

    • For Header – Slide the Pricing toggle ON under the “Address” section.
    • For Line Level – Slide the Pricing toggle ON under the “Products/Items Sold” section.

Properties App

  • Bulk Export in the Properties App – We have enhanced the Bulk Action in the Properties App to support exporting the Properties in bulk to create a backup of all your property data into a spreadsheet (CSV file).

    There are two export options available using which the data can be exported:

    • All Fields – This exports all the fields of the Properties App.
    • Current View – The fields present in the current view alone will be exported.



  • G Suite (OAuth) IMAP New Integration – We have enhanced the G Suite/Gmail Imap integration, to authenticate using the OAuth (Open Authorization). Using this, you can enable email sync between your G Suite/Gmail account and Apptivo, without giving your passwords.
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