In the April 29, 2017 release, Apptivo delivered a worthwhile updates to all customers. The following list summarizes the new features included in this release:

  • My Employee Tasks
  • Direct Tasks
  • Triggers in Ideas App
  • Highlighting Ideas
  • Statuses Visibility in Ideas App
  • Last Contact Date



  • My Employee TasksWe have included a time saving filtrate option, that is, “My Employee Tasks” in the “Tasks” section. Through this you can get a complete list of tasks that are created by your employees. Also, you can view the tasks of each employee by searching them as well as view all their tasks.
  • Direct Tasks – This “Direct Tasks” feature enables you to view all the tasks which are associated only with yourself.

Product Management

Ideas App:

  • TriggersWe have added “Triggers” in the Ideas App. It has three categorizations such as Event Based, Time Based and Activity Based Triggers. This allows different criteria’s to be set, based on which the trigger action is automated.
  • Highlighting Ideas – We have added the “HighLighting” feature in the Ideas App. Its purpose is to differentiate each and every idea by various colors. For that you need to create a highlighting with name, priority score, background color, text color and set the condition accordingly. If the condition gets satisfied then automatically newly created ideas will appear with the appropriate highlighting color.
  • Statuses Visibility – Now you can changeover the “Visibility” of statuses in the Ideas App. Each status has a toggle in the settings, using which the status can be put to the enabled or disabled mode. Once the visibility is disabled, you can find the ideas with that status only under “Show All” and in “Advanced Search”.
  • Last Contact Date – This feature enables you to easily have a note of the time, when it was last contacted. It will get filled based on the email sent time and date, calendar start date time and end date time and call log end date time.

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