We are happy to inform you that, on April 21, 2017 we have released an update that are noticeable, where you’ll find a complete list of changes below. The key switches in this update include:

  • Email Template Changes in Campaigns App
  • Team Email id in from address
  • Default Navigation – Employee View page
  • “All Tasks” view in Tasks

Marketing Updates

Campaign Management:

  • Email Template Changes – We have made a few categorization arrangement in the “Email Templates” section. Now you can find the “Standard templates” and “Advanced templates” options under the email templates in the Campaigns App email settings.
  • Team Email Id in from address – In Campaigns App, we have add up a noteworthy feature for campaign that will reach out to recipients with team name. For that you need to create a team with  team name and email address. Now use the email which you have given during team creation, while creating an campaign. It will result in displaying the team name on the launched campaign.

Human Resources Updates


  • Default Navigation – Employee View page – We have included the “Default Navigation section in the Employees App. If you have Super-user role, then you can set the default navigation for your employees. Those changes will reflect on their view page and also employees who have Employees App access can perform this default navigation action.



  • “All Tasks” view in Tasks – We have enclosed the extra filtrate option “All Tasks in the “Tasks”. If you are Super-user and want to get a clear view of each and every tasks created by your employees, then, by clicking on “All Tasks” will show you the entire list of your employees tasks.
    You can also restrict this tasks appearance for your employees. For that we have included few more collaboration security options. These are
  1. Only show tasks assigned to signed in employee and their subordinates
  2. Show all tasks to everyone.

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