We are happy to inform you that, on April 13, 2017 we have released an update that are attention-grabbing, where you’ll find a complete list of changes below. The key switches in this update include:

  • Void Invoice changes in schedule invoice table
  • Recurring Invoice Generate with Updated Parent Invoice
  • SpamAssassin Score
  • Pricing – Daily Email Quota (UI Level Changes)

Financial Updates

Recurring Invoice:

  • Voided in Schedule Invoices Table– We have added the “Voided” section in the Schedule Invoices table. When you void the child invoices, those appropriate amount will be added under the voided column. This portion contains total amount of child invoices that are voided in your recurring invoices.
  • Recurring Invoice Generate With Updated Parent Invoice  We have changed the recurring child invoices can be generated even after updating the parent invoice. If you have made any changes to the parent invoice like adjusting start and end dates, then, the upcoming child invoices recurs according to the recent modifications in date of its parent invoice.
    Note: This new changes will only be reflected on upcoming child invoices and not in the past created child invoices.

Marketing Updates

Campaign Management:

  • SpamAssassin Score – In Campaigns App, we have attached the “SpamAssassin Score” portal in the template tab. This will automatically scrutinize your email template and displays the result as pretty score, based on the Industrial standards of spam control. In case spam score exceeds 5.0, it may result as a spam. So you need to take further actions on downgrading the score level. Try to maintain the score level of spam below 5.0.
  • Pricing – Daily Email Quota (UI Level Changes) – We have made the fresh look for email quota pricing page. It has several options that shows an unclouded list of your email quota as per your current quota. Such as “Total Emails”, “Used Emails”, Remaining Emails” and some other common options like “Allocated Quota”, “Daily Email Quota” & “Pay as you go”. This untried UI level changes makes you feel like an ultra modern design.

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