Email to Case Validation Rule

Like our pit stops, bug fixes maintain the program functioning properly and guarantee a dependable and flawless experience for you. We’re dedicated to making your journey extraordinary. In this release, our primary focus has been on enhancing performance and addressing reported issues to improve the overall efficiency of our system. We have worked diligently to streamline the business flow and ensure that Apptivo functions seamlessly for your benefit. Here are some of the key improvements.

Calendar App

  • The value of Event “End Date” flickers when the default date is configured.

Cases App

  • Ability to restrict settings access to non-super users is not available.

Common Fixes

  • The “Quick Record Create” (Plus Icon) button does not work for the custom reference attribute.

Contracts App

  • Function Formula is not calculated for the field configured in the table section.

Custom App

  • While creating, the PDF templates are not available in the drop down menu.

Customers App

  • The trigger is not executed when the condition is set up with the “Last Contacted” field( which is automatically updated whenever any activities are created).
  • Trigger gets executed even when the conditions are not satisfied for certain records.

Document App

  • Delete Privilege is not working when the document visibility is set to “Everyone”.

Email App

  • Upon the removal of the associated record from the email, the email content and the email signature vanish automatically.

Invoices App

  • When creating an invoice from the ‘Invoice Queue From Cases,’ the status of the case (Custom Ref App field) is not reflected.
  • The invoice assigned to the user is unavailable for viewing on the Intelligence Chart.
  • Sorting is not working on the 360 degree association table.

Items App

  • Unable to delete the uploaded documents from the document tab.
  • Ability to restrict settings access to non-super users is not available.

Opportunities App

  • The Filter option is not available for the Employee Custom Reference App.
  • During custom conversion, the same opportunity is allowed to convert multiple times even if the “Allow Converting Multiple Times” toggle is Disabled.

Projects App

  • Time Based Trigger executed Continuously when the Function Field in the Table is used in the Criteria.

Tasks App

  • Unable to set the Task End date’s default value.

Work Order App

  • Unable to update the existing records with custom Reference App field through import.
  • The List of Workorders is not visible under “My View”.

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