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1.Feature Updates

2. Bug Fixes

At Apptivo, our primary objective is to boost system performance and address reported issues, consistently working towards improving overall efficiency. Through dedicated efforts to optimize business operations, we aim to provide a seamless experience for you. Our commitment extends to bug resolution and the integration of valuable feedback, making Apptivo a more robust and reliable platform. Your collaboration in this journey is invaluable, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to delivering an exceptional user experience.

Feature Updates

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities in Sales Stage History Reports:

Apptivo’s Opportunities application provides a report based on the sales stage of the opportunities are moved from one sales stage to another along with the Transition Period. In this update, we have introduced a new column to record the Sales Stage From Date and To Date, enriching your reporting capabilities. These additions provide a deeper insight into the progression of sales opportunities within your pipeline, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your sales strategy. Read More

Sales Analysis

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) in Orders

The Apptivo Orders application empowers you to effortlessly generate and oversee orders from creation to shipment. With this latest update, We’re thrilled to introduce the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) functionality within the Orders app streamlines the complex process of configuring products, determining their prices, and generating accurate order for customers. This powerful feature simplifies the sales cycle by providing a user-friendly interface where sales representatives can easily customize product configurations based on customer requirements. CPQ functionality ensures that all components and options are compatible, preventing configuration errors and minimizing the risk of delivering inaccurate quotes. Read More

Sales Analysis

Bug Fixes

Work Order App:

  • The Reference App field fails to update automatically when its associated field is updated through a trigger.

CRM App:

  • Sub-territories are not visible when there are numerous ones in the “By Territory” view on the left side panel.

Invoices App:

  • The “Paid Amount” field was found missing in the group listing report configuration.
  • Some records were inadvertently duplicated when updating the existing import when importing line items.

Customers App:

  • Data set and data set access security are not working when configured using a reference app.
  • Default currency field is blank during data import.
  • The app name, after being renamed using the App renaming feature, does not reflect in the standard table and 360 overview.
  • The customer name disappears from the “Show All” table when the customer attribute type is set to “Function.”

Estimates App:

  • The field visibility condition on the PDF template fails to function when the criteria is set up with a reference app field.

Cases App:

  • An error persists when creating a validation rule that involves the use of ‘contains’ and ‘does not contain’ operators in the criteria.

Opportunities App:

  • A mismatch discrepancy occurred in the exported record counts in the Grouping List report.
  • A mismatch occurs in values between the overview and list layout of a record.


  • “Resend e-sign” button is not visible in the IOS Version.

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