Our webinar involves a cool chit chat with business people giving exposure to an online business suite that helps to serve the end-to-end needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The event ended up in a thriving manner with the fulfillment of the attendees.

We had active participants who were very eager about our business apps. Here comes a few interesting chats

How flexible is it to set up a Reseller with multiple opportunities and keep track of different Quotes?

Every opportunities quote can be tracked by its own estimates that can be created under “Estimates App” and also reseller with multiple opportunities can be tracked with different quotes, the quotes are easily created via Conversion feature found in Opportunities. Click Here


With the quoting system, can “Support and Upgrades” be added to a quote where it’s a % of the total tool cost?

Yes,”Support and Upgrades” could consider as an item and managed in Items App, whilst estimate allows to include “Support and Upgrades”.


How easy would it be to import a database of contacts?

If there is pre-existing file, contains contacts data then it is simpler to upload them into Apptivo using “Import” option. This option allows to import the mass spreadsheet into Apptivo following fewer steps. This applies to Contacts, Customers, Opportunities and Leads. Click Here


Integrated with QuickBooks online? Transferring/exporting financials to QuickBooks?

Currently we do not have Quickbooks integration. But you can export invoices from Apptivo and import them into Quickbooks.


How is the integration of gmail? We have all our mail using gmail app, can it bring in all past emails and create contacts on history emails etc?

Email Integration allows you to track all your incoming and outgoing emails into Apptivo, without logging into Gmail account separately. Once authenticated all your incoming emails will be synced inside Emails but not the past emails. Click Here


Also will the emails trace other contacts from that company via the email? name@biz.com then another name@biz.com
As per the current email structure, start typing the contact name on the To field as it auto populates the existing CRM contacts.


How can we use Apptivo to track customer complaints?

Cases App allows you to manages all problems or issues that your customer incurs and if the customer complaints through emails those can be automatically collected as cases into Apptivo. Also you can document the details of the complaints, logging complaints as feature request.Click Here


can you integrate any VOIP calls / logs automatically?

Yes, Apptivo improves business workflows by integrating call logs inside CRM contact. The call log can be recorded i.e, created automatically inside corresponding contact’s call logs tab.


Could you give a quick overview of how to do project management within apptivo?

Project management’s primary activities are scope, budget, quality, invoicing, collaborating with teams, fix the rate for Project and time tracking. Time tracking is nothing but ” Work Logs” which helps you to keep track of your time worked on projects. If the project has more than one employee, employees used to log a timesheet with number of hours spent on that project. This do applies in multiple project assignment.


Commercial Real Estate Broker here– I need to customize the Leads / CRM app so I can add fields to contacts like Lease Expiration and Square Footage. Best approach?

Apptivo provides a user friendly environment for customizing that allows to add any custom fields that aren’t provided on the creation page by default. The creation page could be loaded with new sections like Lease Expiration and Square Footage and fill them up with your own text fields, radio buttons, drop downs, etc through “Customize App settings”. Click Here

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