Once again we made a successful webinar contest on March 16. Advanced features in apptivo has been presented to business world in smart way. Attendee’s excitement prompted this contest to next level, short discussion with business people are on board.

What are layout customization options that can be only found in the Ultimate/Enterprise edition vs. the Premium edition?

Enterprise edition has more customization option comparatively to ultimate/premium, some of the important features are security level access, value dependency, visibility dependency and these can toggled for both field level and session level.

Can users be restricted from being able to delete contacts?

Yes, you can give access to reputed users who only can delete by giving privilege. The users who have privilege for deletion feature can access the “delete” option found in Contacts App.

In the CRM app, if I have different type of contacts, can I create or customize templates for each type of contact?

Templates can be pre- designed with content in contact App. All this pre-designed templates can be inserted with an option insert attribute in contact App which would help you to create templates instantly, and those can be selected from templates drop down for each type of contact while composing.

Can you set billing rates by task -ie have multiple billing rates per person based on task performed?

Task generally determines the work done on different types of business/projects. All tasks tracked in a project can be used to generate a timesheet, or generate an invoice directly and also work log exists on a special tab for every task in the system.Task can be billed manually based on the task performed per person, you can also assign multiple employee to the same task.

Who can see emails related to contacts/opportunities and can those permissions be tailored?

Permission can be tailored from business settings option which help you to assign emails to signed in managers & employee or to everyone.

Reporting for sales metrics – ie a pivot table that summarizes sales activities by user- ie # of emails, # of meetings, # of calls, etc

Activity report under reports option make this possible and also we have this for all apps to generate a report for each activity corresponding to business activities which summarizes sales activities.

Can you give permission on individual emails so I could share certain emails only with my business partner and then share the others with all other employees?

Permission is given on individual emails in the home dashboard where you can secure all your emails on the business settings look for collaboration security on the left navigation panel assign the email to a manager or show emails to everyone.

Can reports be automated – ie designed and built, then scheduled to run at specified recurrence?

Reports available in each App is designed and built automatically if you need to run at specified recurrence you can specify the start date and the end date. It helps you to generate the report in few minutes.

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