Questions To Include While Choosing a CRM

While moving towards business digitalization and choosing CRM software, people often make mistakes and take what isn’t beneficial for them. They choose software that doesn’t exactly meet their expectations and also doesn’t help much in strengthening their business workflows. Certain things need to be addressed by business owners before choosing the correct CRM software solution for their business. But when people forget to make a checklist of important factors that help in choosing the right software for them, they usually get stuck with a more complex and costly solution to meet their needs. In this blog, Apptivo brings to you the major questions that you need to ask while choosing a CRM for your business. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Will the CRM help your customers and your managers in accomplishing their long-term goals?

As time passes, we face unexpected events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes us realize that we aren’t much prepared for such happenings. And business managers have learned that they need to address such events while planning the goals of their customers as well as the organization. So, pandemic-like events cause huge disruption in the accomplishment of long-term goals while making it very hard to overcome those situations. Hence, it is the main question that you need to consider that if the CRM platform you’re about to choose would help you in meeting your long-term goals. Therefore, the CRM solution you choose should be able to help you in tracking your long-term goals and enable you to manage different customer projects while keeping all the long-term deadlines intact. Hence, it would help your teams in making effective decisions relating to customer projects and work efficiently.

Will the CRM help you throughout the customer journey?

Many times, when people choose CRM platforms that claim to be entirely customer-focused, they are left with software that helps them in managing only a task or two in their customer management process. They don’t get a solution that can comprehend the customer journey throughout the relationship. So, this is the second main question that you need to get an answer for. The CRM you choose should be able to cater to all the business needs that arise when managing customer relationships and handling projects. It should not be limited to or focused on a single customer relationship aspect but should help you in mapping the entire customer journey and handle all the stages properly.

Will the CRM provide you with a transparent view of all the customer relationship activities?

Transparency is a major factor that helps you in determining the performance of your business by ensuring the success of customer relationship activities. Various data points and performance metrics are used by management teams to track customer success and the quality of that data completely depends on the transparency of the CRM applications. So, the CRM you choose should be able to provide you with deep insights into the performance of different activities related to customer relationships. It should help you in getting a complete view of all the tasks and processes involved in relationship management. Hence, this is the third major question that needs to be answered crucially.

So, these are the 3 main aspects or factors that play a vital role in defining the suitability of customer relationship software for your business. A CRM software that can address these questions would emerge as a great choice for your business software. It would help you in boosting the effectiveness of your management workflows and that too without requiring special technical expertise. With Apptivo, you get a complete solution to all your business needs that covers the whole journey of your customers starting from the onboarding to their subscription and them becoming a regular customer.

Why choose Apptivo?

Apptivo is best suited for your business needs due to the features and advantages it has to offer. It mainly helps you manage customer data efficiently with proper organization. For your sales teams, it will be the best business tool as it would help them win more deals, boost your lead generation, and increase your overall sales. But when you think of investing in a CRM solution, and you want to choose Apptivo, you might think that if Apptivo answers the above-listed three questions? The answer to this is Yes. Apptivo does stand on all the factors that any business sets before choosing a CRM software. And, here’s why Apptivo is the best choice for you.

Apptivo being greatly scalable: It’s is one of those points that make Apptivo unique and separates it from other business software. Apptivo CRM is distinct in a way that it expands with the needs and the scale of your business. So, no matter what the scale of your business is, Apptivo would surely help your organization in accomplishing all your business goals.

Apptivo is a complete suite of applications: Another main advantage to you with choosing Apptivo is that it comes with a complete suite of applications that cater to all your business needs. Right from the stages of leads to onboarding to customer relationship creation, it covers all the levels of a customer journey. So, it will surely help you throughout customer relationships.

Apptivo is very flexible: Apptivo is a complete cloud-based CRM software that allows you to gather all the customer information and insights on several operations in a single place. So that you can get hold of all the data without struggling to find it. Hence, with Apptivo, you get a complete and transparent view of your business.


There is a lot of business software available in the market, but the one that meets all the business requirements and helps an organization to grow is hard to find. With Apptivo, you don’t have to care much because after choosing Apptivo, your organization gets hold of an ultimate tool that lets you run your business more smoothly and efficiently.

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