This week we performed another update to the Apptivo system, with the key focus being the release of the Projects App on our V6 technology. We’ll cover the details of projects below, an otherwise we’ve just wrapped up the last of our previous release, by including the new view builder feature inside of the Customers App. Click here to read more about the view builder and last week’s updates.

What’s New in Projects V6

Recently we made a decision to hold off on many planned new features for the Projects App, and instead focus on getting the new V6 technology out as fast as possible. These general V6 features instantly provide a ton of benefits around configurability, mobility, and performance that we’re sure existing users will appreciate. We held off on many great new project-specific features like new scheduling, billing, and reporting enhancements; we’ll cover these below.

Just receiving the “General V6 Features” gives a ton of new options for Apptivo users, and we’ll highlight these items below. If you’d like to see these features in action, click here to register for a short webinar to walk-through Projects V6 on Thursday @ 2:00 PM Pacific Time.

  1. Responsive design for mobile device access
  2. Improved performance – specifically improving large projects
  3. Freshly updated design – including new Gantt chart
    New Project Gantt Chart
  4. Enhanced email templates – use project attributes to personalize emails
  5. New security options:
    • Field-level security
    • Collaboration feature restriction
    • Reports restriction
    • Conversion flows
    • Detailed action-level control (export, delete, import, bulk actions, etc)
    • Secure standard & custom views
  6. Business intelligence dashboards (see below for details)
  7. Select templates when converting deals to projects
  • And finally… all of the great new field editing options:
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards

    We’ve just released a brand new feature you might have seen trickling out – intelligence. It’s a new charting system that allows you to use the Projects App as a complete BI Hub. We’ll release further information on this soon, but the general purpose is to create projects, store data inside of them, and generate a dashboard of charts to visualize that data. Here are the relevant new pages you’ll find in settings, feel free to play around:

    • Intelligence Charts, Dashboard, and Widgets
    • Persistent Ticket Message
    • Hidden Left Menu Option

    Upcoming Plans for the Project Management Solution

    While there are many great new things we’ll be adding to project management now that it’s been upgraded to V6, there are a few key areas of focus:

    • Timesheets V6 upgrade
    • Scheduling enhancements – duration vs effort, hard start/stop dates
    • Triggers & view builder features
    • Reporting enhancements – resource utilization, billable vs estimated hours
    • Cross-project scheduling & reporting
    • Expense reports integration with project time tracking & billing
    • Cost tracking & project profitability tracking

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