We are happy to inform this week Apptivo’s release, which included several apps upgraded to version 4.0, improved user interfaces, and many new features. You’ll find an improved interface for some of our global features such as email, notes, and tasks. These upgrades include details like a new draft system for emails, and we’ve provided both an inbox and sent folder. You’ll also find a new “list view” in tasks, which will allow you to separate upcoming and overdue tasks.

On the product management side, We have included the bill of material with classes and choices within the Items App. Last release the Employees App was upgraded to version 4.0, now you’ll find added common features such as advanced search, views, and reports. Lastly, you’ll find several more UX improvements, such as an upgraded look to the universal navigation app menu, and several upgrades to the G Suite contact sharing sync.

Here is a quick look at our new Contacts App settings:

contacts sync

New Business App Features

This Monday, we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. Apps migrated to version 4.0 with a fresh look and feel
  2. Improved user interface to the following sections
    • Emails tab
    • Notes tab
    • Tasks tab
  3. Items App now supports bill of materials – classes and choices
  4. Added an option to create supplier in the Payables App
  5. Kit Work Orders & Invoices App updates in Queues
  6. Advanced search, views & reports included in Employees app
  7. Skype name added in contacts to sync
  8. Included mass-delete in Leads, Customers and Distributors Apps
  9. Inventory management app implemented with warehouse level quantity

Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

This Saturday, we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Overall bug fixes and improvements to the following App:
    • Timesheets App
    • Documents App
  2. Google app integration in Contacts app, improved UI with statistics
  3. Updated user interface on the Homepage App slider
  4. Fix for CSV files line breaks
  5. The new user interface included in custom attributes

Upcoming Business Solutions

In the next release we will be making the following updates to Apptivo

  1. Migrating the following Apps into version 4.0
    • Loyalty Management App
    • Surveys App
  2. Implementing Business Connect
  3. CRM Mobile Apps

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