COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Not only are SMEs suffering from the repercussions, but bigger names in the market have not been spared either. What can be done at such times to turn the table? The answer is: work smartly and take advantage of the situation. Because there is no need to commute to the workplace, more time can be allotted to doing the same from our homes. If you can manage your time and resources efficiently, this period of global economic decline can work to your advantage. In this blog, we will discuss what are some of the ways in which Apptivo can help you.

Problems faced by SMEs

Let us look at the main areas that SMEs are suffering in:

  1. Shortage in demand: With the fear of Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, people are staying in their homes. This has caused a massive deflation in product demand. The SMEs have struggled with establishing themselves in the market, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, their troubles have doubled.
  2. Lack of manpower: The virus has caused multiple nations to go under a lockdown, pausing all forms of commute. While buses and trains are shut indefinitely, people are bound to work from their homes. This has led to a reduction in manpower to manage the daily processes and handle the clients.
  3. Too much information to handle in very little time: The world is changing because of the pandemic, and as a result, we are bombarded with new and upcoming news every single day. So much information to deal with and constantly changing markets have become a burden not only for small business owners but every other career path as well.

How Can Apptivo Help Resolve These Issues?

Tackle the COVID-19 social distancing norm head-on by working remotely. Without calling your team to the workplace, you can get the work done from home with Apptivo’s apps that can be accessed from anywhere. Apptivo provides businesses with multiple solutions to cope with the drastic changes that COVID-19 has brought. Some of the ways in which you can recuperate are:

  1. Reach out to more clients with Email Marketing: At a time when you cannot meet your customers directly, you can make use of all the digital tools that you can get. One of the most effective ways of attracting clients back to your business is by sending them email reminders. With the Email Marketing tool by Apptivo, you can create campaigns and re-launch them as per your convenience. It also comes with a Promotion app with which you can send out a discount or promotional offer codes, and target clients based on demographics.
  2. Increase your sales with Apptivo CRM: With the multiple CRM apps that Apptivo provides, not only will you be able to manage your business but also double your profits. You can strategize your sales based on the target audience, set goals, and maximize profits. You can manage territories and monitor how your sales representatives are handling sales in their regions with CRM tools. The same tool will also let you manage your competition by logging in details about your competitors in the market and get customized reports inclusive of the most minute details about them.
  3. Deliver timely projects and collaborate with the team: If COVID-19 has put us all behind our closed doors, Apptivo is here to solve that problem. Project Management tools can help you set deadlines for your teams and deliver projects on-time. With this tool, ensuring KPIs are met with (even from home) is an easy task. All your team members and employees can check the progress, and without having to be present physically, provide feedback and suggestions at each step of the way. By using Project Management tools, you eradicate the need for a PA. Sending out timely payments to vendors and employees, tracking communication, or managing stock can now be done through one app.
  4. Resolve customer queries with Web Help Desk: While working remotely, resolve your customer queries without any delay using the Web Help Desk tool. You will get notified immediately as your customer posts them, and get to sort emails into questions, create custom emails and generate reports on information related to your customers. Categorize all the customer query cases with Cases App to mitigate the lengthy process of manual sorting. The Web Help Desk is the ultimate tool to smoothen customer query resolution and make it a quick process. Your staff can make direct outbound calls and create personalized emails for each client, while they are away from the office. Even when the majority of your staff is unavailable, let Web Help Desk do their job for them.

The effects of the pandemic have been so drastic that it is estimated to become our lifestyle for the next 1 to 2 years. While most of us are still bearing the brunt of the losses, we should not forget to take the right steps today to secure our future. Apptivo has just the right tools to take you through that journey with the utmost ease.

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