Recently we’ve heard lots of feedback in regards to our Google Drive integration within Apptivo. Some of you have loved it, and some of you have provided some excellent feedback as to how we can improve. Our previous upgrade includes “Add Google Document” button.

Attached Google Documents

We’ve been listening closely, and we’re happy to announce an upgrade that makes our Google Documents integration better than ever!

And now, we provide with a drop down from where you can select “From Google Drive” option. It is available when you move on to Documents tab on the Overview page of any apps in our system.

From Google drive

What’s new?

You will still continue to see the “From Google Drive” field on the documents tab of any app in our system. But, upon selecting this field, everything has changed. You will now be presented with a fresh new popup containing Google’s drive search & upload files and folders to more easily find the one you need. Here are a few of the key points:

  1. All Google accounts supported (previously only G Suite for Business)
  2. Add multiple files/folders at one time
  3. Improved search relevancy
  4. Browse by folder & sort results
  5. Upload files from your computer
  6. Document sharing with Employees

From Google drive

How do I set up the Google Drive integration?

This one is easy… click the button! There is no setup required, our system will automatically use the current Google account that you are logged into. Or, it will ask you to log into Google before adding a document. It’s that simple, try it out today!

Last but not least, Gsuite integration is possible.

If you’d like to learn more about the Google Drive integration, click here to find complete instructions.

Click here to check more on Apptivo integrations

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