Apptivo Pricing Plans

This week we focused on several different items. The largest change to Apptivo this week is related to our new paid plans, Professional and Enterprise.

These new plans complete our offerings to allow the perfect set of features for any type of business. From a micro business just getting started, all the way up to a large enterprise, Apptivo now has the answer for your business. Every plan comes with a 30-day trial, so getting started is risk free. These new plans grant access to advanced features such as integrating with your website, integrating with third party applications like G Suite, sending email from the apps, developer API access, and more.

For a complete list of features available in each plan, see our pricing plans.

In addition to the pricing plans, we made some enhancements to the leads app which allows you to track complete customer information in a sales lead, without creating a customer record. We also made several fixes & enhancements to the leads upload process.

New Business App Features

This Tuesday (5/29) we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. New leads fields for customer information
  2. New leads upload functionality
  3. Managers can see any object their subordinates can
  4. Restrict logo changes to firm administrators
  5. Added new non-electronic payment options for invoices

Business Application Fixes

This Tuesday (5/29) we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Invoice auto reminder fixes
  2. Fix for recording invoice payments
  3. Leads access configuration fix
  4. Leads upload fixes
  5. Activities fixes
  6. Removed milestones from project overview page
  7. Restrict adding new users to HR managers and super users

Upcoming Business Solutions

Next Saturday (6/2) we will make the following updates to Apptivo:

  1. Additional lead conversion functionality
  2. eCommerce integration – WordPress plugin
  3. App level access control for Customers, Contacts, and Opportunities
  4. Employees 2.0
  5. Support incoming/outgoing call logs
  6. Customize list of apps shown to new employees based on access
  7. Allow firms to change the default business currency

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