Hello everyone! We, at Apptivo, are glad in releasing our latest version of our iOS Estimates App. Scroll below to find the list of feature updates and new releases packed in this release:

iOS Estimates App Updates – V.6.0.2

  • RTE Support
  • Email signature

Download our latest version of iOS Estimates App.

RTE Support

In this release, we have enhanced the email templates with RTE Support. So far, on selecting the templates when sending out emails, the template contents with images will be disarrayed and with no images being fetched. We have now worked on it which pulls in the template contents as such. (Note: Email templates should be created from the web version)

In the web version create an Email Template. Your template will look something like this with images and hyperlinks.

estimates templates

Now from your iOS device, on selecting the above-configured template you can view the contents and images getting displayed appropriately as such.

view estimates templates

Email Signature

One significant release in this update is the addition of the Email Signatures to emails. An email signature will be inserted automatically to every email you send out from your iOS Estimates App. (Note: You need to configure the email signature from the web version)

Go to Employees App Settings -> Email -> Email Signature Template. Create your own required email signature and save the changes.

configure email signature

You can view the configured email signature in every email you send out from the Estimates App, as shown in the image below:

view email signature

Download our latest version of iOS Estimates App.

Give these features a try and feel free to contact our support engineers anytime you require at support@apptivo.com. Stay tuned for much more feature updates and releases.

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