We’re glad to announce the updates which have been released on September 01, 2017, as well as some feature requests and new improvements rolled out throughout the app. Check out the details below, to find what’s new here for you in this mobile update:


  • Supply Chain Category in Apptivo
  • Orders Creation
  • Orders Conversions
  • Orders Quick action
  • Supports Payment Gateways
  • Create Orders from Existing Orders – Duplicate
  • Reference App & Reference App Field
  • 360 Degree View
  • Sales Funnel & 12 Months Pipeline Dashboards


  • Employee’s Password Policy

Android Updates


  • Supply Chain Category – Now in addition to Apptivo, we’ve added this category, which was one of our high priority requests for mobile. You can have the Supply Chain App category in the Apptivo. Here you will find the “Orders App” at the drop down of the Supply Chain.
  • Orders Creation – You can now create a detailed list of the things purchased by your customers using the “Orders App”. It will help you to keep up to date, the entire things of Orders, which are made by Customers. Also you can easily edit the order information if you would like to modify any information.
  • Orders Conversions – We have worked on getting our mobile functionality more effective and easier, that is, “Orders” conversion feature. The conversion that are currently reinforced are:
    • Opportunity to Orders
    • Estimates to Orders


    You’ll be able to make direct conversion, if you would like to make your created Opportunity and Estimates as “Orders”.

  • Orders Quick Action – Quick Actions are now easier to perform in your “Orders App”. By just tapping the orders which you have in your list, you can go to the ripple menu and do what you want. From here you can issue “Packing Slip”, “Pick Release”, “Review” and “Cancel” the Orders.
  • Supports Payment Gateways – You can make payment easier in “Orders App”, which means, there are a few more payment methods that are supported now, such as:
    • Authorize.Net
    • Paypal
    • Wire Transfer
    • Zipmark
    • Stripe
    • Cash
    • Cheque


  • Create Orders from Existing Orders – Duplicate – Now you’ll be able to create an order from an existing ticket, that is “Duplicate”. If you would like to create a purchased record of any customer that is already existing, then this functionality will save you the time of creating a new order instead of a crap detail from the existing order. If you go with duplicate option, the order which you have selected for the duplication process, will automatically fetch all the order information to the newer one. You can find this option in the “Orders” → “Overview Page” → we have a drop down added “Action Menu” → “Duplicate”.
  • Reference App & Reference App Field – We’re so excited to implement the “Reference App” & “Reference App Field” in Apptivo. It allows you to get the Opportunities App with various other preferred apps. For that you need to set up the reference app and reference app field configuration, that you would like to show in other objects. This will be applicable to the following apps in Apptivo – Contacts, Customers, Opportunities, Leads, Orders, Invoices.
    Note: Reference App and Reference App Field settings should be done in the web version.
  • 360 Degree View – We have started supporting “360 Degree View” in Apptivo. You can add or create other object records from an app, using this feature. It will be present in the Collaboration (Historical Menu) drop down. If you would like to view the associated objects in 360 degree view, by just tapping on the App dropdown, it will display the rest of all the apps in the Apptivo.

    Note: It supports only for implemented apps in Apptivo.
  • Sales Funnel & 12 Months Pipeline Dashboards – In your Apptivo under “Opportunities”, you will see a “Dashboard” option. Inside this dashboard, you’ll be able to track your yearly sales analysis and funnel. We’ve added “Sales Funnel & 12 Months Pipeline” dashboard in the Opportunities App.
    • Sales Funnel – From here you have to click on any of the sales funnel like “All Opportunities Funnel”,” My Opportunities Funnel”, “My Team’s Opportunities Funnel” and “My Employee Funnel”. Just by tapping on any preferred funnel, you can have the options like “Sales Funnel” and “Legend”. In “Sales Funnel” you can get a bit more view of each funnel of your company and “Legend” will show you the various set of sales stages with separate colors.


    • 12 Months Pipeline – We have implemented “12 Months Pipeline” in the Opportunities App. This feature will let you know the 12 months pipeline based on your “Opportunities Amount” and “Close Date”.

iOS Updates

  • Employee’s Password Policy – We’ve applied advanced security functionality in this release, security is now tougher than ever. It will let the super user and their employees to reset the password, only if enabled. But if this option is disabled, one cannot reset the password, even using forget password.
    Note: To configure this password policy, you can simply go to “Business Settings” → “Security” → “Password Policy” in the web version.

We would love to hear your suggestions on the new features rolled out. Give us a try, check every feature which is released, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any words or suggestions or feature requests on your behalf. We really appreciate your feedback!

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