We’re happy to announce the updates which have been released on September 16, 2017, as well as some fresh user interface and new enhancements rolled out throughout the App. Check out the details below, to find what we have for you in this Mobile update:


  • New enriched User Interface
  • Approval Flow Improvement
  • Expense Deletion based on Status
  • Activity Page Customization
  • Field visibility control over App & activity
  • Section Title Visibility
  • Section Level Security
  • Field Level Security
  • Create additional fields in Master Layout
  • Field level security for Standard & Custom fields on Advanced Search
  • Field level visibility for Standard & Custom fields on Advanced Search
  • Field level mandatory for Standard & Custom fields on Advanced Search
  • Precision & Scale, Rounding Mode
  • Field Sorting & Default Value

iOS Updates


  • Innovative User Interface – We’ve glazed the user interface which will let you keep update with your every Expense some more compared to our existing version. Let us discuss the new enriched user interface that we have released in this announcement.
    • Creation Page – You can now produce an Expense pretty easier than before so you don’t need to exhaust any crucial source of expense while creating. We hope this brand-new user interface will curtail your spending period on Creation process.
    • create_expense

    • View Page – We have worked on View page that will glimpse on your Expenses easier than ever, which you are going to track using the Expenses App. It gets figured out all the embracing data’s of Expense in a single source.
    • view_expense

  • Approval Flow Improvement – We have expanded the functionality of “Approval Flow” in Expenses. This will let you do “Auto Approval” process, initiates as per your configuration which is done in the web version.

    On enabling the “Approval Flow” toggle will initiate two different scenario’s such as

    • Super User – If Super User submit their Expense, it will automatically be approved, If they don’t have any higher official than Super User.
    • Non-Super User – An Expense which is submitted by non-super user will get approved by their Super User or else it gets rejected.

      If you are disabling the “Approval Flow” this will initiate the functionality for non-super user

    • Non-Super User – Take it as a scenario, your employee submit the September month Expense for approval. It will automatically gets approved because “Approval Flows” toggle is in disabling mode.
  • Expense Deletion based on Status – We have improvised the Deletion functionality comparing with existing version. If you have submitted any of your expense with some misplaced information or the expense is wrongly submitted, then in this type of scenario, you are not able to delete the expense which is “Submitted” for approval. It works based on Status.
  • Activity Page Customization – We’ve started supporting the configurable assistance in our “Activities Page” of Expenses App. You are now able to assemble the unused field as a custom field which you would like to involve that in your activity page. We have implemented pretty more changes on the standard fields which are available in the activities section.
    Note: If you have any extraordinary ideas for an appearance of your activities page, then everything is in your hand. Because we offer customization part that can be done in the web version.

  • Field Visibility Control Over App & Activity – You can now work with the Field Visibility control feature. It offers you the ability to control the visibility of various fields across the Apps and activities. Based on your choice, the fields can be hidden or made visible accordingly.
  • Section Title Visibility – We have started supporting the customize section title visibility. You can now configure the title visibility whether to make it appear or not appear on page.
    For Instance: In the Expense, If you would like to hide the title of “Summary”. You can do with that title visibility configuration as per your wish in the web version.

  • Section Level Security – If you’re working with highly confidential client information, you need to provide the eminent security. We have executed the “Section Level Security” for both “Standard Sections” and ”Custom Sections”. You can now put up the privilege for every section you have created. These privileges can be given to any of your employees as you wish in the web version.
  • Field Level Security – We have added the “Field Level Security” for an implemented CRM Apps. You can now provide a various level of privilege like create, edit and view for both the Standard fields & Custom fields. If you would like to give the edit privilege to “Support Team”, you need to do it in the web version.
  • Create additional fields in Master Layout – We have supported Master layout customization fields in Expense. You can now create a lot of fields as a custom field. For that, you need to configure the “Master Layout” from the web version, which you can get that results in the mobile version.

  • Field Level Security for Standard & Custom fields on Advanced Search – We have added the bit more security functionality for every field by authorizing the “Advanced Search” option. You are able to perform the advanced search using that field. If you would like to configure the privileges for each field, you can now set up the “Create” & “View” & “Edit” privileges.
  • Field Level Visibility for Standard & Custom Fields on Advanced Search – We have added the extra level of visibility functionality for every field by authorizing the “Advanced Search” option. If you would like to set the visibility for “Standard” and “Custom” fields. you can do it now.
  • Field Level Mandatory for Standard & Custom Fields on Advanced Search – You can now have the bit more feature which is “Mandatory” for every field by authorizing the “Advanced Search” option. If you would like to set the mandatory for “Standard” and “Custom” field, then you can set it as mandatory.mandantory
  • Precision & Scale, Rounding Mode – We have worked on “Scale & Precision” feature in this release. Its functionality is rounding up the “Currency” & “Number” on “Standard” and “Custom” fields. It will automatically round your number, once you have done the customization for this field.
    Note: For that, you need to set up the scale and precision values in the web version. It will get auto reflected in your mobile devices.

  • Field Sorting & Default Value – We have enhanced the sorting feature for every standard field and custom fields. It is applicable for all the fields which come under the “Toggle”, “Drop Down”, & “Radio”. You have to take a decision whether to sort the values based on ascending order or descending order or custom. Based on your configuration the values will be listed out in that field.

    If you have any feedback or any feature request you’d like to share us, about the mobile app or something new, We’d love to hear from your end!

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