We’re happy to announce you that, on May 25, 2017 we have released an update to all our customers. Please find below, what we have for you in this update:

  • Map View in Work Orders App (Android)
  • UI Level Improvement in Follow Ups App (Android)
  • Detailed View in Follow Ups App (Android)
  • Multi Currency in Invoices App (iOS)

Android Updates

Work Orders

  • Map View – In the Work Orders App, we have included the “Map View” feature. Through this view we provide your current location and the nearest store location for your Work Orders. It identifies every location on the Google Maps, giving you the nearest distance route by selecting any one of the created Work Orders. Also the Work Orders App is upgraded to version 6.0.3.

Follow Ups

  • UI Level Improvements We have made a sophisticated UI level changes in the Follow Ups App. Also the Follow Ups App is upgraded to version 6.0, which allows all of the configurations made in the master layout in the web version, to be reflected in your mobile app.
  • Detailed View – We have added the “Detailed View” of created Follow Ups. You are now able to check the complete list of information of your created Follow Ups. If you want to edit any details, this allows you to perform the modification action also.

iOS Updates


  • Multi Currency – We have enabled the “Multi Currency” support in the Invoices App. This feature enables you to perform the currencies conversion as per the base currency and the conversion rate. Based on that conversion rate, the currency conversion will be automatically done, while you are creating a new invoice.
    Note: For this currency conversion to take place, you need to configure the “Business Settings” -> “Currencies” in the web version.

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