A long been waiting comes to an end – Our Apptivo Base is rolled out!!

Today, we are so excited to announce the launch of our new application, that is, the Apptivo Base. This application contains an unified platform with various implemented Android apps in Apptivo. We’ve been working towards reliability as always, to make the Apptivo Base experience pretty much better for you. Using this app you can access all our implemented Android applications in one single app source. With this new app release, also came out some additional features that will offer you a better app functionality and enables to assist you in any of our core values into a better output.

We have come up with the following sophisticated features geared towards, flourishing your business productivity.

You are able to have a strong bonding with

  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Customers
  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Opportunities
  • Work Orders
  • Estimates
  • Expense Reports
  • Invoices
  • Timesheets
  • Activities

in a single app platform. It can be easy so as to make your entire processes of business as hassle-free as possible.

Here is an abstract of what we have for you within our Apptivo Base:

  • App Settings
  • Mobile List Layout
  • Conversions
  • 360 Degree View
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Notifications

Now let’s dig deeper into the abstract of each feature.

  • App Settings – We have implemented “Apps Settings” in Apptivo Base for better customer experience and flexibility. Just clicking on “Left Navigation panel” → “Settings” icon available in the bottom level, it will have the following list of options like “Contact Sync”, “Record Activities”, “SMS Tracking” and “Notifications”. Let’s elaborate a bit more on each of the features you need to look out, in order to configure the settings as per your choice.
    Note: You need to configure the Mobile List Layout settings in the web version and you can put together 6 attributes for “Default Field” and for “Long Press Detail Fields” maximal up to 10 attributes.
  • Contact Sync – It is the feature that will permit you to deal with the contacts sync between your phone contacts and Apptivo contacts. If you have enabled the “contacts sync” toggle then access pop up will appear for your confirmation. You can now go with ”Deny” or “Allow” your contacts. Once enabled, your phone contacts are automatically synced with Apptivo.
    Note:If you are using separate Apptivo CRM App and also Apptivo Base, this feature will curtail duplicate contact sync in your Apptivo account.


  • Record Activities – You make a call with any of your contacts stored in your Apptivo account. While end of the call, a pop up will come into sight, asking whether to insert this call as a record activity like “Call Logs”, “Follow Ups”, “Calendar” and “Notes”. For that, you need to enable the “Record Activities” option in the App Settings.


  • SMS Tracking – If you would like to add up the messages in the “NewsFeed” which are sent to your Apptivo contacts, you will require the “SMS Tracking” option in enabled mode.


  • Mobile List Layout – You can now assemble the requisite “Mobile List Layout” in the CRM Apps. It contains individual layout options for making your own choice of mobile layout. Also, you can go with the “Default Layout” or “Blank Layout”. For that, you need to set up the layout from the web version. Once you have configured, then it will automatically get reflected in the mobile app.
    Note: Basically, we have allowed “Default Field” to be up to 6 attributes and for “Long Press Detail Fields” being put up with a maximum of 10 attributes.
  • Conversions – We have made a brand-new functionality for making the conversion process beyond the limit. Now you can go on converting from each object to some other as per your requirement. This release freshly starting out, will accomplish your object’s switch process to another, without any breakdown. Let’s take a look out at, some bunch of the conversion enhancements delivered by Apptivo Base:
    a. Cases to Work Order
    b. Opportunities to Estimates
    c. Opportunities to Invoices
    d. Work Orders to Invoices
    e. Estimates to Invoices
    f. Estimates to Work Orders
  • 360 Degree View – We have put into action the “360 Degree View” for CRM Apps. Through that, you can add or create other object records from an app, using this feature. It is available in the Collaboration (Historical Menu) drop down. If you would like to changeover the app, then by just clicking on the App dropdown, it will display the rest of all the apps in the CRM.
    Note: It supports only for implemented apps such as Leads, Customers, Contacts and Opportunity, cases and Invoices.


  • Rich Text Editor – Rich Text Editor is such an effective stuff to quickly make your information, a good-looking structure, which is available in the description field. You are able to do activities like attractive text, background color, create a link, typographies and more.


  • Notifications – With this, we have implemented “Local Notifications” for activities in Apptivo Base. Following are the activities that have local notifications, in order to remind you at the right time such as Tasks, Calendar and Follow Ups. For that, you need to enable the notifications of required activities whether “Tasks”, “Calendar” and “Follow Ups” in the “Apps Settings” → “Notifications”.

    Make your business go simple by staying in touch with Apptivo for more innovations!

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