We are happy to inform you about this week’s Apptivo release, which included several apps upgraded to version 4.0, improved user interfaces, and many new features. Never worry about accidentally deleting data again, as we have now introduced a “deleted” area in the contacts app; here you can find contacts that you’ve recently deleted, and restore them back to normal. We’ve also made some global updates to tasks & call logs, including the ability to export any list of tasks. We’ve also included some new sorting ability for project milestones, and you’ll find a packing slip creator for shipping out sales orders to your customers.

This release has also added a many new integrations between apps! Now, you can convert a purchase order directly into a supplier invoice, estimates into kit work order, and kit work order into an invoice. You can add shipping and handling charges in a supplier invoice. And to round off the supply chain changes, you can now access custom attributes in purchase orders app.

Here is a quick look of our new loyalty management app’s 4.0 look:


New Business App Features

This Saturday, we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. Apps migrated to version 4.0 with a fresh look and feel
    1. Loyalty Management App
    2. Surveys App
  2. Deleted & Disabled options included in Contacts App
  3. Export tasks with multiple employees in advanced search
  4. Duration display updated in Call Logs
  5. Provided sorting option for project tasks
  6. Packing slip added in Orders app
  7. Provided cross link to customers in Projects app
  8. Conversion flow implemented on the following apps
    1. Purchase order into Supplier Invoice
    2. Estimate into Kit work order
    3. Kit work order into Invoice
  9. Kit work order associated under customers 360 view
  10. Shipping and Handling charges included in Supplier Invoices app
  11. Custom attributes included in Purchase Orders app
  12. Apptivo’s sent emails will be collected in authenticated Gmail or Yahoo email.

Bug Fixes and UX Imporvements

This Monday, we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Optimized object to object view page in CRM apps
  2. Overall bug fixes and improvements to the following Apps and sections:
    1. Invoices App
    2. Contacts App
    3. Home page news feed
    4. Tasks
  3. User interface has been updated in the upload sections.

Upcoming Business Solutions

In the next release we will be making the following updates to Apptivo

  1. Migrating the following App into version 4.0
    1. Requirements App
  2. Implementing Business Connect
  3. Email Enhancements

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