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Right, sales management is our passion. We are so passionate about our work that we would never consider altering our line of work. Tools will help manage your sales process when things become hectic and enable effortless, effective, and efficient sales. Sales lead management software takes care of everything, from pipeline reports to email automation.
There is little doubt that using lead management software has altered how marketing and sales are conducted. Moreover, according to Strategic IC, the automation of lead management led to a 10% boost in revenue for the organizations that employ it.

The essentials of sales lead tracking software

Businesses of all sizes that want to enhance their sales lead processes and boost revenue growth need to invest in sales lead tracking software. Lead tracking begins with data capturing and continues up until the point of purchase. The information from a sales lead tracker will be useful for the following:

  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Activity Tracking
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Analytics and Reporting

Lead Capture

Lead capture and lead tracking software are two different aspects of Lead Management software that are often used together in the sales and marketing industry. Lead capture software is designed to capture leads or potential customers’ information through forms, landing pages, or other digital means. This information is then stored in a database, allowing businesses to keep track of potential customers and reach out to them in the future.

On the other hand, lead tracking software is used to track and manage the interactions between a business and its leads. This software helps businesses keep track of where their leads are in the sales funnel, what actions they’ve taken, and what follow-up actions need to be taken to move them towards a sale. Combining lead capture and lead tracking software can help businesses better manage their sales and marketing efforts. By capturing leads’ information and tracking their interactions, businesses can identify areas where they can improve their sales process, target their marketing efforts more effectively, and ultimately increase their conversion rates.

Lead Activity Tracking

Let’s be honest. No matter how competent your salespeople are, they cannot possibly remember every interaction they have ever had with every single client. This is especially true for high-growth businesses and big corporations that deal with a huge volume of clients every day. It is best to have lead activity tracking tools if you want to maximize consumer interactions. They enable you to record the events that took place as your leads moved through your sales funnel. They range from in-person interactions and other types of communication to specifics on what they are seeking in your goods and services. They are then recorded in a database that you can access whenever you speak with them. Instead of asking your potential customers to repeat themselves, anyone on your sales staff can pick up where the previous agent left off and move the conversation further.

Track Leads Events

Use a CRM (customer relationship management) system that lets you create and manage tasks and reminders to track lead events like tasks and reminders. This is how to keep tabs on lead events:

  • Making a lead profile Make a profile for each lead you wish to follow up on first. This should contain the lead’s basic contact information as well as any pertinent remarks or information regarding their requirements or interests.
  • Make a list of the things that need to be done for each lead. This could be making follow-up calls or emails, providing marketing materials, setting up appointments, or carrying out any other tasks required to advance the lead through the sales process.
  • Assigning duties to team members will ensure that they do them. If you’re working in a team, do this. By doing this, it is made possible to ensure that everyone is in agreement and that nothing is missed.
  • Remind yourself or your team members to do projects on time by setting reminders. You can integrate an external calendar or task management programme with the CRM or utilize the built-in reminder system.
  • Manage each lead’s progress by keeping track of chores that have been accomplished and reminders that are coming up. You can maintain order and control over your sales pipeline by doing this.

Track Marketing Emails

Keeping track of sales emails can be a helpful tool for generating leads for your company. The following actions can be taken to track sales emails and gather leads:

  • Use tracking links: Include tracking links into your sales emails that are connected to particular lead capture forms. This enables you to monitor which customers are visiting your website and providing you with their information.
  • Use automation: To contact leads who have provided their contact information, employ email automation. Sending a confirmation email, a thank-you note, or a string of targeted emails with the goal of moving the lead through the sales funnel can be examples of this.
  • Examine the data: After obtaining leads from your sales emails, examine the data to ascertain which emails and CTAs were most successful in generating conversions. Use this knowledge to enhance the lead generation process and your email strategy.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing tools are essential for building rapport with customers and pooling qualified leads for targeted marketing. They should also include trigger email alternatives and a funnel reporting system to make it easier to decide what actions to take next.

Lead Stages

In the world of marketing and sales, lead nurturing and lead stages are two crucial ideas. The many phases a prospective customer goes through prior to making a purchase are referred to as lead stages. These phases often consist of:

  • Awareness: The lead becomes aware of your brand, product or service.
  • Interest: The lead shows interest in what you have to offer.
  • Consideration: The lead is considering purchasing from you, but may also be considering other options.
  • Decision: The lead decides to purchase from you.

The process of cultivating relationships with potential consumers is known as lead nurturing, which aims to help them go through these stages and eventually complete a purchase. In order to establish credibility and prove the worth of your goods or services, this entails giving the lead content that is pertinent to their needs at every stage of the purchasing process.
A thorough comprehension of your target market and a systematic approach to content generation and delivery are necessary for effective lead nurturing. You may improve the possibility that potential buyers will finally choose your product or service by leading them through the lead stages with relevant content.

Analytics and Reporting

A component of the equation is managing your lead management operations. You also need to have strong analytics and reporting solutions, if you want to proactively maximize all of your sales prospects. These capabilities give you the ability to track your conversion rates, acquisition rates, and other crucial lead management metrics while also giving you information on the what, how, why, and when of your data. In this manner, you will obtain all the data required to evaluate the success of your initiatives and comprehend how to advance your company.

Identify hot leads with Lead Score

Business development specialists frequently have to restrict a universe of potential customers into a funnel of qualified prospects by converting lists into leads. This is a difficult task. It necessitates professionalism, perseverance, and patience. Yet the procedure can be sped up considerably with the correct equipment. One such tool is lead scoring. Lead scoring is, by definition, the process of evaluating prospects based on a predetermined set of standards to identify which will be the most beneficial. The lead is considered more qualified the higher the lead score. The higher the priority for outreach, the more qualified the lead. It’s effective – According to 68% of “very effective and efficient” marketers, lead scoring is a major source of revenue To improve their conversion rate and accelerate the sales process, salespeople should use a scoring tool to separate the wheat from the chaff and rank hot leads according to specified metrics.

Remember that selecting the most crucial indicators and organizing the data so that it is both understandable and actionable are the keys to developing an effective dashboard.

Benefits of Sales Leads Tracker with Apptivo

Benefits of Sales Leads Tracker with Apptivo


1.What is the lifecycle of a sales lead?

Your lead lifecycle is the path a person takes from the time they first interact with your business to the moment they make a purchase. Every person who engages with your brand has the potential to become a lead. Nevertheless, only a small portion of them will convert and buy something.

2.What are the 3 pillars of sales?

Compensation, competitiveness, and camaraderie should be the three foundations on which a strong, high-performing sales team is constructed. Your sales force will be motivated to maintain the maximum level of productivity and performance no matter the situation if it is founded around these three easy-to-measure pillars.

3.What should a sales lead tracker include?

  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Advanced Search
  • Customization
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Automation
  • Mobile Access
  • Integrations

4.What is a very popular and effective source of leads?

The best source of leads for marketing is email. Every cadence, newsletter, campaign, or piece of shared material increases revenue. Being able to interact with leads who aren’t ready to buy or find lost leads is made possible by having a corporate newsletter.

5.What is the best way to track sales leads?

Even though the majority of small business owners begin by monitoring sales using an Excel spreadsheet, it is recommended to put in place a CRM system over time. CRM software assists small business owners with managing their sales pipelines in addition to helping them keep track of their sales.

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