Customer service is considered important for a business success. A superior customer service helps retain the customers and build customer lifetime value. The key to providing good quality customer service is by building stronger relationships. Customer service drives satisfaction among the customers which in turn will result in customer loyalty.

What is customer service?

Customer service is an one to one interaction between a customer and the customer service team from the company. Customer service is vital for any business that paves way for customer satisfaction which will indeed result in repeat purchases. Many other businesses have automated customer service that provides superior customer service without the assistance of a human being.

Types of customer service

There are different types of customer service that has been provided by the business to enhance the customer satisfaction and to build stronger relationships.

Chatbots: These are online tools that help customers to get quick answers to issues and queries. The bots then re-direct the queries to the service team. Chatbots use AI to automate the conversions and provide assistance 24*7 without any hassle.

Social media: You can curate content, respond to questions and queries online through multiple social media platforms. Social media platforms are a modern way to connect with the customers in an effective manner.

SMS/Mobile: Most of the people receive shipping and delivery instructions from the SMS notifications. They also check their orders and other invoice details and look for help from their mobile phones.

Self service: Users search queries online and find answers through FAQs, Product tutorials and know hows. They obtain the solution they want without requiring the help of a customer service representative.

Email : Email is considered as the most convenient form of communication. Companies offer customer service via emails for easy and convenient access.

In- Person: There are in store services offered by the companies where the customer can walk in directly and get to learn about the products and services in detail.

Why is customer service important?

Providing superior customer service must be a priority for all the companies irrespective of its type and size. Listed below are the importance of customer service.

1.Customer service helps retain customers

If the customer encounters a good experience throughout the purchase journey, they are likely to be satisfied with the brand and will become loyal customers towards the company. By providing good customer service, you are likely to retain more customers. This in turn will increase the profits and strive for better growth of the business.

2.Customer service reflects company’s value and brand image

Providing superior customer service directly reflects the brand’s mission and values. Customers perceive the brand based on the service provided. A positive customer service can shape the business values and reputation among the customer base. The customers will in turn spread positive word of mouth to their peer group, friends and family members.

3.Customer service increases customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value refers to the journey of the customer with the company along with the revenue generated from that particular customer. You need to find ways to increase the CLV, in order to have a consistent revenue flowing into your business. Customer service is a great way to boost the CLV. when customers experience good positive customer experiences, it is likely to increase their customer lifetime value.

4.Customer services fixes customer issues

Customer service always finds ways to fix the customer’s bugs and issues. You need to follow a proactive approach with customer service which will enhance the user experiences. You can also have user guides, know-how manuals, FAQs that will add value to the service that you are offering to your customers. You need to improvise on methods which will help resolve the problems at a faster pace.

5.Customer service strengthens the company culture

You can provide a streamline workflow by providing apt customer service. You can strengthen the organizational culture and enhance your operations with customer service. Serving your customers will result in building your business to the next level.

6.Customer service gives you an competitive edge

Customer service is just an easy way to retain customers and maintain a loyal customer base. You can create a competitive edge against the other rivals in the industry. Providing top notch customer service can help strengthen your business in the market place which will attract more customers to your business.

Tenets of a good customer service

You need to follow certain guidelines and core techniques while delivering your customer service. Since customer service is vital for the growth and success of business, you need to focus on your customer service strategies in the right way. Listed below are some of the tenets of good customer service.


Speed or responsiveness determines the quality of customer service. You need to keep in mind the first response time, average response time, problem resolution time and first contact resolution ratio which will be helpful in maintaining the speed of the service being delivered.


The flow and access to information are important and crucial for customer service accuracy. With a proper integration with the database and available information, CRM and helpdesk can actually provide relevant solutions at the right time with no delays. There should be proper communication and collaboration among the teams in order to maintain the accuracy of customer service.


Clarity denotes how precise your communication is. The customer service team should be trained to be clear and crisp with the message that they deliver. Always maintain simplicity in language, deliver structured sentences and have familiarity over new concepts.


Transparency is another critical factor in customer service. Transparency ensures that customer expectations are met which will thus boost the customer retention. Building transparency should be one of the prime goals of the customer service team.


The customer service team should be accessible and available across channels 24*7. You need to make sure you offer standard services and self services along the channels. Accessibility enhances customer satisfaction and boosts retention among the customers.


Customer services need to meet and surpass the expectations of the customers. Providing prompt customer service will help build your customer base which in turn will boost your revenue. Good customer service will assist and empower the customers across the purchase journey.

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