We are glad to inform you that this week Apptivo has been released with new features and important fixes. Items App and Promotions App were migrated into version 4.0, including all new user interfaces loaded with both existing and new features. Create the custom attributes in the Invoices App and carry the same attributes to estimates, and from estimates to opportunities as well.

CRM apps: Follow-up tab added to both the leads and opportunities apps, and we’ve moved the charts from the app homepages into the reports section. In the Invoices App we’ve added a section under the “By Queue” view which allows you to see approved timesheets that are ready for invoicing.

Homepage and global updates: A new call log tab added to all the apps, instead of storing call logs within the calendar tab. Also, you can now search through emails using the advanced search option.


New Business App Features

This Monday we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. Two apps migrated to version 4.0 in a fresh look and feel
  2. Advanced custom attributes, share custom attribute at line level within these apps.
    • Invoices App
    • Estimates App
    • Opportunities App
  3. CRM Apps Updates:
  4. Timesheets by queue section added into Invoices App
  5. Changes to timesheet, customer view page will look same as inside the app
  6. Global Updates:
  7. Homepage:
    • Create appointments from the calendar
    • Log calls from the call logs
    • End date added when creating tasks
    • Add attachments when creating tasks
    • Advanced search option added into emails.

Bug Fixes and UX Improvements

This Monday we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Overall bug fixes for the following apps:
    • CRM Apps
    • Estimates App
    • Timesheets App
  2. Important fix for email sync

Upcoming Business Solutions

Next release we will make the following updates to Apptivo:

  1. Migrating the following apps into version 4.0:
    • Item Inventory
    • Ideas App
  2. Google form widgets
  3. Updates and Fixes to these sections:
    • Items App
    • Pricing plan upgrades
    • Invoices export
    • Email sync
  4. Releasing CRM Mobile Apps
  5. Adding a follow-up tab in the CRM apps

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