Integrated Solution: Apptivo HelpDesk and Field Services

Good customer service costs less than bad customer service” – This quote by Sally Gronow is certainly an essential factor that should be taken into account while boosting your business value. Be it the emotional quotient or the financial quotient, service and retention rates play a significant role in both sectors. Investing money to improve customer service will thereby increase the customer success rate. When the product is good, but the service is bad, customers are prompted to switch to another product with a better service. It results in a substantial loss that takes months, even years, for businesses to recuperate. Why overcome the loss when there is a solution to prevent it? Offer the best customer service to your customers and step up the customer retention rate with Apptivo Help Desk Software and Field Service Software.

Why is Apptivo Help Desk Your To-Go Software?

Apptivo’s Ticketing System (Help Desk Software) is arguably the most tailored solution that is suitable for all businesses. It is configured with features that serve your business requirements in the right way. Customer service is not about offering all services to all customers. Instead, it is about understanding customer’s needs and providing the right solution. Right from creating a case to solving them, Apptivo’s Help Desk, known as the Cases app, gives away all the tools required to enhance the customer experience. While there are so many Ticketing Solutions offered online, there are certain characteristics that individualize Apptivo Solutions from the rest.

Email to Case

Apptivo Cases app supports one of the most conventional intake methods of converting emails to tickets. Your customers can simply email a selected email address to log a ticket. Once the email is received, it is automatically logged as a case in the Cases app. You can leverage triggers to automate the workflow for sending automatic emails, auto-assigning tickets, and more. The Email sync of Apptivo with email providers like Yahoo, G Suite, Office 365, and many more reduces redundant workflows and instead gets your message conveyed within the application.

Self Service

Nowadays, Businesses need to offer solutions that allow customers to create, track and manage their tickets from an exclusive customer portal. The integrated Customer Portal mirrors your Apptivo application to customers but with restricted access. From here, the customers can effortlessly collaborate on their grievances and queries with the agents in your business. With this, customers will be able to interact closely with your business.


Service Level Agreements are an exceptional methodology to control and monitor the cycle time of the tickets. The Service Level Agreement designed with Apptivo Help Desk Software seamlessly tracks the closing time of the cases and the efforts taken by the employees to provide resolutions. SLA will set up an expectation on the level of service provided based on several criteria configured. Based on the priority and severity of the cases, services can be delivered. For example, if the priority and severity of the case are high, the resolution should be derived in less than 12 hours. If it is medium, it should be less than 24 hours, and it should be less than 48 hours when it is low. All this, based on your customization.

Support Plan Assignments

While the Customer Portal gives power to your customers to log tickets, the Support Plan Assignment controls the number of tickets logged by your customers based on the service subscribed. Additionally, you can decide the action to be taken when a customer logs a case once the allowed limit is exhausted. This applies not only to Customer Portal but also to tickets logged using API, App, Mobile, or Emails.


In this information era, automation is a key player in limiting human effort. The Triggers feature of Apptivo delivers this automation in Apptivo Help Desk Software. You can create Event-Based and Time-Based triggers. Event-Based triggers perform an action when a case is created, updated, or deleted. Time-Based triggers initiate an action at the required time. It can be a one-time action or recurring action. The actions can be to send an email, update a field, call a Webhook URL, or create an activity.

What makes Apptivo Field Service Software the Game Changer?

Timely delivery of service is a key result area to measure business success. This is also an indicator that should be considered during quality assurance. Field Services are the priority for businesses that predominantly rely upon on-site services. Despite having limited capacity, efficient management will convert service into a success. Apptivo Work Orders App is certainly a game-changer as it has everything you need to ensure timely and organized dispatch of resources to customers.

Google Maps Integration

Apptivo allows integration of your Work Orders App with Google Maps. With this, you can effortlessly track the location of customers to deliver timely service. The Map View is an added benefit for improving efficiency in service delivery that in turn provides a better customer experience. The highlighting option in Map View helps to locate alike services and take decisions in the dispatch of resources.

Recurring Work Orders

The Recurring Work Orders option is an automation tool added in the Work Orders app to schedule the dispatch of resources. For instance, when your business involves on-site maintenance or repair services, it becomes challenging to keep track of the frequency of the services and allocate resources. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, or custom dates. By employing recurring work orders in your field services, you can systemize the delivery of services to your customers without much effort.

Intelligence Dashboards

The dashboard feature of the Work Orders App displays a summary of the field services with the desired key performance indicators. A variety of charts like Column charts, Bar charts, Stacked Column/Bar charts, Summary Tables, and Pie charts can be incorporated into dashboards for instant monitoring of the performance of your employees, the status of the work orders, prioritize customer requests, filter problems, and take prompt decisions.

Approval Flows

Utilize the structured approval flows of Apptivo to streamline the field services of your business. With this feature, determine the criteria based on key characteristics and send the work orders automatically for approval. Once the service is delivered, the work order can be approved by an employee or the customer according to the configuration. This doesn’t end here! You can also customize the action to be taken when a work order is rejected or accepted.

Connecting Apptivo Help Desk with Field Services

One of the greatest assets of Apptivo is, it is an online cloud suite of 65+ applications catering to all the departments of your business. Though there are individual applications to manage different departments, the question arises on the migration of data between applications. The conversion feature makes the data transfer into a simplified process. When a ticket meets a project requirement, the employee can easily convert it to a project in the Projects App. Also, when an in-person visit is needed for a ticket, the employee can convert the case into a work order and let the field personnel take care of the rest in offering a solution. Furthermore, the ticket can be invoiced by converting it to an invoice in the Invoices App.


Apptivo is a CRM Software that grows with your business. There is multiple Help Desk and Field Services Software available in the market. What makes Apptivo different is that it helps your business in providing enriched customer service in the right way. The omnichannel option collects tickets from multiple platforms and displays them in a single application. The Work Orders app dispatches resources according to customer requirements and ensures on-time tracking. Do it the right way with Apptivo and fortify your business with exceptional customer service.

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