After this weekend, we’ve officially finished converting all of the sales and support applications to version 5.0 within the CRM module! On the previous release, September 11th, we updated the Contacts App to V5. This past weekend we completed the Leads & Opportunities Apps… all changes have taken effect automatically and are ready to use!

In these updates we don’t have many special features being released, other than the standard V5 upgrades. For each of the apps you can expect all of the new search & customization options available in the rest of CRM. But, each app has also received many little unique upgrades based on past customer requests & feedback. We can’t list everything, but here are some of the details:

New features in this update

  • Contacts App V5
  • Leads App V5
  • Opportunities App V5
  • SLA upgrades now include events. Choose to re-assign the case to someone else, notify manager via email, or both!
    Define Support SLAs
  • Many new reports in the Cases App, here are just a few: Historical resolution times, past due cases, SLA reporting, and overdue cases.
  • You can now convert cases into work orders

Small bug fixes & user experience improvements

  • In the left-column views for cases, we now show the count of matching cases
    Left Navigation Case Count
  • Enhanced Google contact sync performance
  • Cosmetic enhancements to the upload tools in V5
  • Support for 4 decimal points inside invoice calculations
  • V5 search improvements

What’s coming in the next release?

In the next release we are focused on developing the new Projects App V5. We’re actively seeking beta testers, so if you are interested, send us an email to! You can also expect further enhancements to our V5 search, as well as some other various smaller enhancements. Subscribe to our blog in the right column to be alerted with the details of our next update.

Have a great and productive day!

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