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We’re living in uncertain times with the widespread of the coronavirus pandemic, and a lot of companies are struggling to adjust their business plans to this fragile situation. Now that we have no way to initiate manual workarounds, the common misconception amongst entrepreneurs is that their business is purely gambling on luck. Many organizations haven’t activated a new Business Continuity Plan (BCP) yet or actually don’t have a plan at all; it is more like a ‘business-as-usual’ situation for them despite the enormous unparalleled challenges that COVID-19 poses to their operations.

Our traditional business continuity plans revolved around shifting the manufacturing units or offices to a different location in case they were struck with a flood, hurricane, or any other natural calamity. However, this is different; it is an unprecedented situation. No one saw this coming; no one was prepared for this big change. Overnight, the entire world was forced to adapt to a new remote working environment and adjust to this new normal. It is time to change your definition of Business Continuity Plan and start recovering the activities that have been disrupted due to the pandemic.

APPTIVO – The One Stop Solution For Business Continuity

One Stop Solution

In unprecedented times like these, it is critical to consider if you have the capacity and a strong digital infrastructure to manage your entire business remotely. Without a happy customer, no business can succeed, so, now is the time to reach out to your customers and show them that you care about their needs and want to solve the problems that they are facing due to remote sales. Effectively implementing customer-centric business tactics require technological solutions to assist the customers to view the information related to your business.

Apptivo is a Cloud Business Management Software Suite that enables you to build a customer-centric infrastructure and helps you take your business to the next level. If a customer ever needs to reach out to your business, it is critical to ensure that they can continue to do so with enhanced customer service.

What Is A Customer Portal And Why You Need One?

Customer Portal

With the sudden shift of businesses to a remote working environment, the Help Desks are overwhelmed with the sudden surge in redundant requests from customers seeking support. What if your clients seek details regarding the past collaboration? What if they need support post office hours? Of course, you wouldn’t want your clients to keep pestering your team to seek trivial details, while they are struggling to adjust to this new remote working scenario.

What if we tell you that you can offer your customers self-advantage capacities to suffice complex needs most conveniently? A customer portal is a digital self-service support channel that helps your clients to find solutions to their requests and resolve their issues without using the Help Desk. It enables you to diminish caseloads by allowing the clients to get a login and view the progress of the case details by themselves.

Survive And Thrive With Apptivo’s Customer Portal

Survive and Thrive

Apptivo offers a Cloud-based Customer Portal Solution that is integrated with the CRM application to enable your clients and partners to manage their orders, contracts, and cases, providing optimum accessibility. It offers a consolidated view of all their cases and sales orders without needing to engage any employee from the support team to handle a petty issue. It is a customer-centric tool that reduces the cost associated with the IT support team.

It is indisputable that the Help Desk facilitates improved communications with customers, but these challenging times call for integration with the Client Portal to enhance your customer support and leverage your CRM application. Apptivo’s self-administered Client Portal offers many advantages to your business:

    • Enhanced client relations
    • 24/7 hassle-free client support
    • Better user experience
    • Customizable and responsive dashboard
    • Saves time and resources
    • Automated data handling

Adopt Customer Portal To Engage Smartly

Adopt Customer Portal

You can create users and assign specific roles using ‘App Access Privileges’ for your customers to have direct but limited access to the CRM application to operate and help themselves easily. The Customer Portal is a handy tool that allows the customers to sign up anytime (after accepting the Xinnect) and accesses all their information regarding grievances or requests, eventually reducing the number of calls made to the customer service.

During this pandemic, Customer Portal is the best solution for your business to offer real-time information, support to your clients, and streamline the customer relationship. You can configure the Customer Portal in the Cases Application or the Projects Application to generate credentials, enable login action for contacts, and send them an invitation to create an account. The customers will be able to access all their cases in the portal dashboard. With an easy process, the customer portal offers customers real-time solutions to their queries and complaints.


Is there any better way to show your customers that they are important than to empower them by offering accessible customer support? Handling customers is a complicated affair, and an efficiently designed Customer Portal solves these problems. Apptivo’s Client Portal is an efficient and productive solution that helps businesses enhance their customer support system and lessens the workload on employees, which allows them to focus on productive customer engagements. Now more than ever, it is imperative to adapt to new technological solutions like the Customer portal to ensure your business survival and continuity through these challenging times. Leverage your CRM application with Help Desk and Customer Portal to increase productivity and ensure customer satisfaction.

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