How To Overcome Challenges In Salesforce Automation With Apptivo CRM

For many businesses, there are often various inefficiencies in their sales processes that lead to an inefficient flow of operations. These inefficiencies are caused due to the presence of different bottlenecks in their sales processes and changing market conditions as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused their businesses to be at risk due to degrading sales. But the solution to this is already in action, i.e. sales automation software that is used by businesses to automate their sales processes. Still, they are facing different challenges and are unable to tackle those. So, in this blog, Apptivo brings to you the common challenges faced by businesses in salesforce automation and how they can be overcome using Apptivo CRM.

The major drawback faced by different sales teams is that they cannot control a healthy cash flow in their sales pipeline. To ensure an improvement and stability in their cash flow, they constantly search for innovative ways to maintain continuity in their operations. But the different bottlenecks in their sales processes cause the cash flow to get clogged and result in an unstable sales pipeline. Here are the common reasons behind impeded sales pipeline.

Incomprehensible buyer’s journey

Very often, sales teams are unable to understand the buyer profile and redirect the wrong content to them. This results in the leads getting irrelevant information and leaving the buyer funnel at the very instant. It results in comparatively fewer leads being generated and getting converted to buyers. To tackle this, businesses and their sales teams need to understand the buyer’s profile in the right way so that they can give them the right content making them convert into prospects and paying customers. With the Apptivo Opportunities application, you can easily manage the deals and get access to automated data that directly transfers the buyers’ data from web forms and emails to your portals. In this way, you get access to the correct buyer information and their interests so that you can approach them with the right content and close more deals.

Attracting low-quality leads

During the sales operations, teams often deal with people that have very little to no interest in your services and they are just low-quality leads that proceed into the sales pipeline. This causes your teams to spend their valuable time on those leads and lose good-quality leads and prospects. This makes your sales pipeline consist of more low-quality leads resulting in degrading sales. Apptivo CRM solution helps you in this by bringing you sales stages in its Opportunities application. In this application, you can set lead qualification stages that the leads need to proceed into to become prospective buyers and have the sales team contact them. It helps your sales team as they can easily identify the stage of a lead by just the color of their tags. In this way, your sales teams can work with good-quality leads easily.

Long sales cycles

A majority of business models have long sales cycle as a part of their operations. But this can harm the sales performance as longer sales cycles have a higher probability of losing the leads in the way to becoming customers. It is because lengthy sales cycles are more likely to have leaks that may cause a higher number of leads to get stuck and eventually become lost. So, to tackle this, businesses need a tool that can help them manage their sales pipeline more effectively and convert more prospects into customers. For this, Apptivo brings to you its Lead Management application inside the Opportunities app. Using the Lead Management app, leads can be gathered automatically from different sources inside a sales pipeline as well as have the leads added manually. Apart from this, you can capture leads directly from your website so that you don’t miss any prospects.

Presence of irrelevant information

There are times when your sales teams face difficulty in entering leads into your dashboard. That may lead to wrong or irrelevant buyer information being entered into your system. Because of this, buyers find it hard to learn about your products and services that they want to have and it makes them lose interest in your services and take wrong decisions. The presence of irrelevant information with the prospects causes them to leave the sales pipeline at the initial stage and incur a loss to the business. When using Apptivo, you can avoid this from happening as you get access to automated applications that let you create and manage different sales pipelines without any room for errors. It results in your leads getting the right information at the right time so that they can proceed into the sales funnel easily.

So, these are the major challenges faced by any sales team that causes them to have degraded sales and low business performance. But when working with Apptivo CRM, you get access to a complete suite with automated applications that allows you to have a complete view of your business as well as have complete control over different operations.


As the benefits of a CRM in any business are well understood, it also helps them in addressing different challenges related to their sales and business operations. As technology develops, we find new ways to handle and manage things. With Apptivo, you get the best experience with great functionality. So, choose Apptivo and let your sales skyrocket.

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