How To Choose The Best Help Desk Ticketing Software?

When finding the right tool for your growing support team, plenty of questions surround you as to what you should select. It is because of a lot of options, offerings, and different features that vendors have to offer; you cannot select a single one for your company. So, in this blog, Apptivo brings you answers to all your questions related to how to choose the best help desk software for your business?

Let us first discuss the basics of a Help Desk Software and ticketing system and its worth for a business.

For every business software, be it a help desk software, support ticketing system, customer service software, etc. the main goal is to enhance the experience for the ones that matter the most to the business, i.e., the customers. And when it comes to a helpdesk ticketing system, it brings all your digital support channels together to enable you to track customer requests, conversations, and complaints more effectively. Therefore, eliminating the possibility of missing on a customer. Using the best ticketing system, you can ensure different benefits for your business such as:

  • Efficient management and tracking of customer requests within the ticketing software
  • Improving response time on customer queries
  • Allows building of self-service portals including knowledge-base & FAQs
  • Supports multichannel integration to unify requests from different channels
  • Streamlining the workflow of customer support teams

Now, on knowing what a help desk & ticketing software does for an organization, we can look at the factors to consider before choosing one. So, here is a list of things to do before selecting the ticketing software for your support teams.

Take inputs from customer support teams

Obviously, a team manager would be taking inputs from support teams before choosing the ticketing software for them, but the confusion lies on what factors should they talk about. As the customer support teams are the ones who would be using the helpdesk system at the frontline, you need to get an idea of their daily tasks, the obstacles & challenges they face while dealing with customers, what are the choices of customers, etc. So, an answer to these questions while keeping the efficiency of your teams and its impact on the business would help you know what they want.

Determine the specifics of your business

Now, as you’ve known what your support teams need from a helpdesk system, you have to focus on considering the factors that would affect the user experience, and knowing the specifics of your business related to it would help you. First, you need to regularize the multiple channels used in your business to communicate with customers. It is because the channels used by customers and your sales teams should overlap, so to yield more efficient communication. So, an ideal helpdesk should provide all the major communication channels such as Email, Phone, SMS, etc.

Next up, you need to address all the main and specific features you need in a helpdesk ticketing software. It is because all the major companies offering helpdesk software, compete in a common combination of features and functions. So you need to determine what suits you the best, but for an ideal helpdesk ticketing software, offering features such as ticketing automation, multichannel support, improving internal collaboration, self-service options, etc. Another main concern is that apart from helpdesk software, any business uses a variety of tools for different purposes such as analytics tools, email service providers, payment apps, CRM, etc., and therefore, the ticketing software must allow for Integrations with all those apps. Lastly, you need to know about the way how you want to engage with your customers via the helpdesk. Therefore, the helpdesk software should allow for a more personalized approach towards customer communication. If required, it should provide both automated and fully manual control by your employees.

Make a list of available options

When you have a clear idea of what are the requirements of your business, you should be focusing on making a list of all available options that best suit your needs. And you need to be completely indiscriminate about the options you consider and remember to focus on how well each option serves your needs. Once you do that, you would be able to highlight the one helpdesk software that has the potential to empower your business the most.

As you’ve done all this for determining the best helpdesk system for your business, and when shortlisting the available options, you would have also included options that offer features not relevant to your business, or is more complex to use than the others, or could be too expensive. Therefore, go for the features that are nice to have and would result in increasing your capacity, productivity, and efficiency when it comes to handling customer queries. So, going with a hands-on experience with the products you like is a great way to choose the best.

With Apptivo, you get integrated HelpDesk software with the complete CRM Application to cater to your customer support and automated request handling needs. Apptivo HelpDesk has all the major features required by your sales team for efficient and streamlined customer support operations. It allows for integration with major third-party business tools to enable the smooth transfer of data and information across the platforms. And being a cloud-based CRM suite, Apptivo apps can be used across devices remotely, and therefore, yields better collaboration between employees.


Finding the right helpdesk software for your business is a difficult task, but starting with the focus on your teams and then considering the needs of your customers and business, you can easily identify the interface that would work best for you. And Apptivo, being a scalable and cloud-based business tools suite, allows you to have the best features to enhance the helpdesk experience and grow your business.

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