I work for multiple clients and I have to send invoices on a repeating basis. Sometimes it can get a bit tiring working manually on invoicing. That is when one of my acquaintances introduced me to Apptivo, a popular online invoicing service that provides businesses the option of recurring invoices and many other features that are essential to today’s business. These days I save a lot of invoicing time and my professional life has become simpler. I also believe that if technology is used in the right manner, it can increase your productivity and increase the chances of success. Here I have put together a few advantages of using recurring invoice.

Five Advantages of Recurring Invoice

Helps scheduling your Invoices – Automated online invoicing reduces the hassles of manually sending invoices to your customers. The advantage of online invoicing is that you need not indulge in complex accounting process or remember details of each and every customer. You can schedule bimonthly or monthly invoices in one go and the rest is all automated.

Saves time – You can stop worrying about finding time in your busy schedule to manually send out invoices. Once you decide on the scheduled date, the software will automatically send the bills to your customers.

Secure and Automatic payments– When your invoices are scheduled, customers also know when to expect the invoice and the date of payment. If you are using a reputed online invoicing service which offers various payment methods such as Paypal, wire transfer, Google checkout, it would be easier for the customers to make payments without any delay.

Recordkeeping made easier – Recurring invoices not only allows you to send out bills automatically, it also allows you to record invoices, pause or cancel any invoices and approve all invoices that need to be sent out. These features will ensure that your account books are in good shape.

Helps in the prediction of cash flow and earnings – Recurring invoices will make it easy for you to calculate your cash inflow within a specific time frame. It is useful for when you forecast the future financial growth of your organization.

Many of us are reluctant to use online invoicing because of high costs. However, there are many SaaS providers who offer the basic features of online invoicing for free. Many reputed SaaS vendors provide quality and secure services to their customers. Read blogs and also register in forums that discuss cloud computing to get your questions clarified before using online billing software. Kick start 2013 by implementing online invoicing for your business.

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