How Effective Are Your Contact Center Operations When Integrated With A CRM

Contact Center departments in every company are the face of customer interaction. Customer representatives work so hard to satisfy their customers to a greater level. It is because customer satisfaction is greatly crucial for every company as every customer of yours must be supported enough so that they don’t find themselves in a condition where they are stuck with an unsolved problem.

So, Contact Centers are important to ensure greater customer satisfaction. But apart from that, Contact Centers play an important role in the operations of a business as companies are customer-centric and their interactions with a business enhance the overall operations. So, Apptivo brings you Cloud Contact Center integrated with its CRM Software to extend the value of your customer data and make better decisions to map your customers’ journey. Let’s see how Apptivo’s integrated Contact Center with CRM makes your operations more effective.

Need for an Integrated Contact Center & CRM

Need for an Integrated Contact Center & CRM

Integration of the Contact Center and CRM is a crucial step for every business as it results in providing greater value to the customer data stored in your CRM. It allows your HelpDesk agents to leverage the data and resolve the issues of your customers with more relevant information about them. Successful interactions with customers are promoted when agents use data from the CRM to talk to your customers and solve their issues. It also provides you with a comprehensive view of a customers’ journey so that your agents can make better business decisions according to the situation.

All the benefits of an integrated CRM with Contact Center are because of the features it has to offer. The main features of an integrated Contact Center with CRM are:

  • Centralized Agent Interface: It embeds all the controls and capabilities of an agent within a centralized CRM interface so that agents don’t have to navigate between different applications.

  • Presence of Data: Integrated CRM automatically routes the relevant customer information to the agent’s dashboard so that they have immediate access to complete customer data that supports a better interaction between them.

  • Data Synchronization & Routing: Integrated CRM Software lets you update customer data right at the agent window so that customer data is mapped right into the CRM at the time of interaction as well as it routes the relevant resources related to a customer profile, thus increasing efficiency.

How does CRM affect your Contact Center Operations?

How does CRM affect your Contact Center Operations?

Integrating your CRM with Contact Center allows your Help Desk agents to utilize the capabilities of a CRM in your contact center operations and promote a better customer experience as well as operational efficiency. Contact Center is a prime source of a company for customer interaction and alongside, CRM is the only source for customer relationship management. Together, these two tools yield significant improvements in different operations of your contact center. The main effects of Apptivo’s integrated CRM on your Contact Center operations are:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Integrating CRM with the contact center gives your agents access to all the customer data. It enables them to identify the relationship with the customer before interacting with them so that the agents can deliver quick, reliable, and personalized services to the customers. With Apptivo’s integrated CRM & Contact Center, your agents can leverage the data present in the CRM and provide the best experience to your customers along with promoting prioritized services. Conclusively, your customers get a great experience as they are subjected to a better interaction than they are expecting from your Help Desk agents.

Increased Agent Productivity

Integrating CRM with Contact Center makes you able to see significant gains in agent productivity as the agents have all the relevant information and tools made available to them through the integrated CRM Software so that they can solve the issues of customers in the best possible way while eliminating the need of any other operations afterward. Apptivo gives you the same control over a variety of sales and support tools as well as customer data so that your agents become more productive within the same domain.

Quick Problem Resolution

By using the customer data present in the CRM, the contact center automatically connects the customers to the expert agent of a particular department. Apptivo Contact Center gives your agents the ability to resolve customer issues within a single interaction that reduces the number of follow up calls and transfers. Hence, facilitating a quicker problem resolution by the agents.

Reduced Handling & Wait Time of Calls

Shortened call lengths and wait times of calls are reduced by integrating CRM with the contact center as it automatically identifies the customer data before the interaction so that the calls are routed smartly, ensuring the quickest problem resolution. Identification of customers based on their records help in determining the best action for the issue of a customer. Apptivo Contact Center routes the customer calls by completely analyzing their records and current issues so that they can be directed to an appropriate agent or the self-service portals, eliminating any waiting times of the calls.

Hence, in all these ways, Apptivo’s integrated CRM with Contact Center improves your overall business performance and operational efficiency so that you can deliver the best customer experience.


Call centers are meant for direct interaction with the customers so that you can yield the best customer experience in the process. Fitting your business needs with a CRM and integrating it with your contact center is the best way to empower your Help Desk agents so that they can deal with the customers and solve their issues in the best way possible. While Apptivo CRM Software provides you with a centralized customer database, it also lets you gain valuable insights on customers so that your Help Desk agents can understand and deliver the personalized experience to your customers.

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