With the advent of cloud-based technology and the use of electronic devices, many industries throughout the world are trying to minimize the use of paperwork and undertake sensitive deals online. E-Signature is one of the most significant benefits technology has granted consumers and businesses to deal with sensitive data on the internet. Whether it is about dealing a mortgage, vendor contract, or more, the use of digital signatures has made things easier.


Irrespective of the business size and type, e-signature is enhancing the CRM industry like never. E-signatures were initially made to conduct businesses online with utmost trust and credibility. Today, there are many online and offline software to integrate e-signatures into business deals. Users can quickly type or sign their signature on an electronic panel to integrate the digital signatures on documents now.

SignNow is one such software. With its integration with Apptivo, businesses can send estimates, invoices, purchase and sales orders online and customers/vendors can sign them online instantly. This reduces turnaround time by up to 90%. You can learn more about Apptivo-SignNow integration here.

How CRM and E-Signature Benefit Us

The most common example of CRM is the bank. And according to a survey, it is found that about 41% of the people decide to open an account in a specific bank is for its efficient customer service. Also, more than half of the people choosing to close a bank account was also due to a bad experience with their sales service provider.

In simple words, the workflow of financial deals has outstandingly improved with the integration of e-signatures in CRM. E-signatures in CRM allow the enterprises to fetch customer data immediately and effectively for SOWs or NDAs deals, financial agreements, and contracts with ease – reducing the need to redo paperwork and errors.

Reasons Why People Should Get E-Signature Integration ASAP

Setting aside the security benefits of e-signatures in the CRM industry, there are several more reasons why you should get E-Signature integration right away. They are as follows:

  • Cost-Effective: E-signature integrations are cost-effective and worth spending a few bucks.
  • Easy-to-Use: E-Signatures in CRM industry allow users to authenticate themselves as well as other people. They can review the documents, check them for errors, and sign them without having them printed.
  • Better Customer Experience: Using a digital signature software allow the users to sign deals or contracts from anywhere in the world. You can sign contracts with someone sitting thousands of miles away.
  • Faster: As e-signatures are online, they ensure faster contract turnarounds. Thus, getting you paid within a matter of seconds.
  • Esign Tracking: Have you ever been so frustrated thinking if your document has been signed or the fax reached the recipient? If so, say goodbye to these problems by integrating e-signatures into your financial deals.

Final Verdict

The advancement in the technology sector has not only made our lives easier but also at multiple risks. Many people are still getting scammed online for their irresponsible practices. In a nutshell, integrating electronic signatures to sign all your documents online is faster, safer, and positive for both consumers as well as the CRM enterprises. Plus, you wouldn’t have to fiddle with the same paperwork repeatedly.


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