Export Leads from Apptivo

For the purpose of reporting and showcasing, you must have the capacity to send out your information consistently. As well as taking a backup of all the qualified leads on a regular basis is the most essential step for your business, and Apptivo’s export feature is quite an effective one!

Apptivo Leads App gives you the ability to export all of your leads into a spreadsheet. You can export all the fields found in the Leads App or you can choose over the fields which you would like to export, and get them into your spreadsheet.

Benefits of Exporting Sales Leads

Exporting your leads will help you in various ways. Listed below are the reasons why exporting leads to an Excel sheet is important.

  • You can find out out the number of qualified leads and those who are interested in your product/service. It helps in effective decision making, based on which you can convert the active leads and move them up in the sales process.
  • By exporting, you can have a backup of all your sales leads.
  • You can have a quick analysis of your leads which helps in lead marketing.
  • Re-target your leads on social media channels such as Facebook, with which you can get in touch with your customers.

Lets quickly go over the steps of how to export leads.

Steps to Export Business Leads

Exporting your leads in bulk is quite simple using the “Bulk Export” feature of our Leads App. This lead generation report will export all your leads in a split second.

  1. Log in and access Leads App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. Select “Lists” drop down. Click on “Show All” from left navigation panel.
  3. In the Show All page, bulk select the leads and click on “Select all 309 objects matching”.
    leads show all
  4. All the leads object will be selected. Now, click on “Bulk Actions” -> “Export” -> “.CSV” -> “All Fields” option.
    leads export
  5. You can view the result as shown in the image below:
    leads exported

Generate and Export Leads Reports

Besides the bulk exporting of all leads, Apptivo offers you the ability to export the leads, report wise. The Reports feature in Leads App supports you by displaying the result of the particular inquiry related to the general lead, leads activity, customer, lead source and performance etc. And these reports can also be exported in CSV files instantly.

Steps to give Export Access for your Employees

Many organizations would want this type of exporting to be available only for some employees, restricting access to others by giving you the ability to control your employees access. Apptivo gives you the ability to set access privilege to users to export Leads.

Next Steps

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