Its a commonly known fact that sales team depends on the marketing team to give them the sales qualified leads and marketing team on the other hands wants the sales team to increase sales by closing almost all the leads that they procure. That is sales and marketing teams are symbiotic and support the business to generate revenue. The key to success of any business irrespective of its size is that all departments work in tandem towards a common objective with an effective sales marketing plan. Sales and marketing strategies should be aligned using a CRM system. This will align not only the marketing and sales department but also the other departments, specifically the customer support team.

The Benefits Of Aligning Marketing And Sales Teams With CRM

Transparent Sales Pipeline

By integrating a CRM into the business allows both the marketing and sales team to feel the pulse of the sales funnel. The marketing team can measure and analyze the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. A lead generation software will enable the sales team to analyse the quality of the leads provided. The transparent sales pipeline will ensure that better and new marketing and sales strategies are formulated.


Singular Database

Single customer database will do away with disparate data source. The marketing, sales and customer support team will be able to access the data with a few mouse clicks.

Easy to Remember Old Customers

It goes without saying that it’s easier to sell to old customers than to new prospects. There are different types of customers – loyal customers, returning customers and dormant customers. Having access to complete history of the old customers has manifold benefits. Marketing and sales team can create nurturing campaigns to attract the dormant customers, create up-selling strategies to the returning customers and so on. All this is possible only if you have access to the complete history of previous customers. In brief, you need to have a crm integration with your business process.

Importance Of CRM To Align Marketing And Sales

CRM System Ensures Transparency

A reputed and good CRM system ensures that the teams have access to the vital information of the customers they require to retain the existing customers as well as to generate new ones. CRM allows the teams to view the budget allocated, objectives as well as the resources given to them for the campaigns and strategies. This will help to remove the gaps between the expectations and results.

Seamless Transfer of Information Between Teams

Integrating a CRM system in the process means information can be shared between the teams effortlessly. There will no more missed appointments, contact details will not be lost and there will be no more “Blame Game”.

No More Miscommunication

A clearly defined process means that there is no reason for miscommunication. A well-defined process means the sales team understands when and how to capitalize on the leads that is provided by the marketing team.

Qualify Leads

A reputed CRM system will aid a marketing team in qualifying the leads effectively before handing them over to the sales team. This leads to the credibility of the marketing team while boosting the productivity of the sales team.


Analyze and Review Data

Integrating a CRM system in the business makes analyzing and compiling data easy. You will get an insight into what sort of leads are getting converted and also the ones which are not. It will also help the team understand the buying patterns of the customers. This will enable the marketing team to capitalize on it.

CRM is not just for sales people, its for the marketing team too. CRM help to align the teams to generate revenue by creating strategies that are effective and efficient to meet the challenges of the present day. Before introducing CRM into your business,ensure that you have put in place a customer focused strategy within your enterprise first. Remember, only if the teams understand the value in the technology introduced will the teams be able to reap the maximum benefit.

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