How Apptivo Maps Your Entire Customer Journey

For every company, the employees and the people need to connect with the customers. The company needs to know customers on a personal level and understand their needs and provide solutions. Therefore, a customer journey is a visual representation of the points and the stages that are covered by the customers while they interact with your business. It helps in telling the course of a customer.

Starting from the very beginning, when a customer connects with your organization to the point when you form a strong & long-term relationship with them. For your company to be able to relate with the customers, you need to give them a unique and smooth experience making them eager to connect with your brand in the first place. Let us walk through the process of mapping the customer journey and how Apptivo does that for your company.

Understanding your customers

No brand can know their exact customer and their needs, but a customer wants your company to remember them and what they want. This is the exact purpose of a customer journey to understand the customer and give them the satisfaction they need from your brand.

Certain points are to be considered seriously for the mapping of your customer journey:

  • Your brand should have a positive online image and reviews
  • You have to provide them with satisfactory customer support
  • Your brand should have proper outreach such as email & social media marketing
  • You have to provide strong digital support to the customers
  • Your brand must be appropriately digitized with modern techniques such as SEO

All of this lead your company to create a great customer journey.

Stages in a customer journey

The journey of a customer can be divided into the following stages:


This is the stage where the customer realizes his desire for a product or service. The customer then seeks information about the product on platforms such as Google. Hence, you need an effective SEO strategy to attract the interest of the customers towards your brand. You have to create awareness about your brand to them and that your company serves and has just the product/service they need. Therefore, at this starting stage you must focus on developing a simple, yet clear image of your brand. For this purpose, you must restrict using excessive sales techniques as well as unnecessary advertising. At this stage, you must deliver content to the customers including:

  • Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Tutorials
  • Whitepapers
  • Blogs, E-guides
  • Research Reports

Apptivo provides you an integrated CRM software to analyze your web traffic and attract better leads. Using Apptivo’s marketing services and applications, you can manage and assign leads to your team in a much efficient way.


This is the next stage of a customer journey, and at this stage, the customer has a clear perspective of what he has to buy and also has enough information about your products and services. Now, they start to search the market for better options as well as contacting your brand respectively for inquiry purposes. Hence, your main focus at this stage should be to make the customers sure about your products and services and that your company will provide them with the best experiences. You need to deliver them the content including:

  • FAQ’s
  • Product Demos
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars about the Product

Apptivo gives you access to a unified platform which helps you in maintaining the lead information with a shared interface. It also helps you in creating customized marketing campaigns for the prospects to retain their interest in your brand.


This stage is where the customer has made the purchase, but now you have to cater to them with the answer to their doubts about choosing your brand. Hence, you need to provide them the reviews of previous customers and their opinions about your brand. Hence, to satisfy them with the purchase, you need to give them the content including:

  • Coupons
  • Product demos
  • Case studies
  • Customer reviews

Therefore, Apptivo gives you options like Contract Management and online project tracking to develop your sales deals.


A customer just doesn’t want to purchase a product/service from your company, what they want is a seamless experience after they buy something from you. For this, you need to deliver them neat experiences after being connected to your brand, therefore building a long-term relationship with them. Due to this fact, the customer will be connected to your brand and be loyal to your business. Hence, you need to deliver satisfactory customer service. For this purpose, you have to deliver:

  • Customer care services
  • Tutorials about the product
  • Feedbacks from them

With Apptivo CRM Software, you have access to a complete Call Center solution to manage customers and their queries, hence giving them a perfect experience.


This is the final stage of a customer journey and this elaborates on your company to not only focus on sales but the loyalty of customers. This stage is the most important as you may generate a whole lot of new buyers or the opposite of it could also happen. It is a fact that generating new customers and leads is much expensive than retaining the older ones, therefore creating the feeling of trust in the existing customers is as much hard as it is crucial. Hence, to convert your customers into buyers and making them promote your brand by spreading the positive word about it you need to give them:

  • Access to your survey
  • Request them testimonials
  • Exclusive coupons

Apptivo CRM Software helps you in retaining your customers by collaborating the internals of your brand with customer leads and giving you measures to analyze the customers and making the reports sharable to your marketing as well as sales teams.


Mapping the customer journey is the most important part of any business. It helps in analyzing the qualities of your customers, their needs, and making them learn the importance of your brand in their lives. A great customer journey leads to customer loyalty as well as helps in generating higher revenues. By using Apptivo CRM Software, you have the opportunity to focus on the methods and options to deliver great customer experiences and conclusively improving the ROI of your brand. Hence, conquer the task of mapping a great customer journey with Apptivo now.

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