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The best sales team knows when to stop selling.

Have you ever wondered what are some of the successful habits of an effective sales team? The most common answer is they have a definite sales plan and also, they know when to stop selling. On the other hand, one of the most prominent sales mistakes that salespeople often make is they don’t realize when to stop selling.

The thin line between when to sell and when not to sell has the power to activate a chain of events that can either make or break your sales pitch. That’s why an effective sales strategy involves a sales team knowing when to stop selling.

There are two types of sales detractors whom you will come across when selling your products or services.

  • The customer is not a good fit for your business
  • The customer is not ready for upselling or cross-selling

In either case, effective sales management deals with strengthening your social relationship skills and understanding how to tackle dire situations that might cost a lot for your business.

Sales Plan

A sales plan is a definite structure that describes the sales strategy that one’s company must adhere to while specifying the goals, objectives, sales tactics, and sales process. Furthermore, the sales plan will have a particular time period within which the sales team has to implement it.

To make the sales plan effective, it is recommended that the sales manager follow a definite strategy. Accordingly, the sales manager should be aware of the sales objectives clearly, assess the barriers, and based on that they should outline the plan of action for an effective sales process.

Sales Plan

Sales Mistakes – Example

Picture this: You have two clients A and B who are your existing customers.

Client A is a promoter of your business where he is impressed with your products and services. This has made him promote your products to his colleagues. He is also open to hearing about your new products. This in turn makes it easy for your sales teams to upsell or cross-sell other products and services.

On the flip side, Client B is a detractor of your sales pitches. Though he continues to be a customer of your company, he doesn’t encourage sales calls and turns them down completely. At some point, he even talks about quitting the usage of your products or services if these sales calls continue. In short, he doesn’t like to be a part of any such calls or messages that are related to sales.

In the above two contrasting cases, Client A is an ideal customer for sales teams as he is approachable and they have a better chance of improving the conversion rate. Contrarily, Client B is not someone who is easily approachable, and sales teams are often left confused on choosing a sales strategy plan.

Hence, the sales team has to implement effective selling skills to convert this customer into a promoter of their business. Before this, it is recommended to have a detailed perspective of their sales strategy and take measures to improve the social selling skills. If this is planned and practiced properly, sales teams will be able to stop selling, overcome the drawbacks, and then, resell the products and services. We have listed some of the effective prospective strategies that will help sales teams to become successful.

Successful Habits Of Great Sales Team

Some of the common questions that salespeople ask are, “What makes sales team successful?”, “What is the importance of sales strategy”, and “What are the common closing sales mistakes?”. Irrespective of the type of questions, if the salesperson follows the best practices, they can effortlessly gain leverage compared to the competitors.

In this section, we have discussed some of the successful sales habits that salespeople can utilize to avoid problems during selling.

  • Be Prepared
  • Be Selective
  • Never Over Do
  • Document Everything
  • Promote Listening
  • Understand Your Product

Be Prepared

When you are prepared, you are halfway through achieving it. It applies to a sales pitch as well. Before any meeting with a customer, spend some time preparing your sales pitch. Think of different ways through which you can inspire and motivate your customers to go for the purchase. A proper sales strategy makes the salesperson confident and improves the chance of strengthening the sales pitch.

Be Selective

Before choosing a lead or prospect, salespeople have to be really cautious about the opportunity that they will spend their time on. It is not worth it to spend on opportunities that do not have a chance of converting into a customer. One of the greatest qualities of best salespeople is that they are able to differentiate the leads based on their priority and spend less time on leads with a lesser chance of a conversion.

Never Over Do

Customers like it when the salesperson is honest and clear about their products and services. There is no point in convincing your customers to purchase a product or service that will not serve their end purpose. Similarly, it will create a bad reputation for your company when the customer later complains about how the product or service did not meet their expectations. The word-of-mouth from that customer will further prevent others from making transactions with your business. Hence, it is better to be transparent and real with your sales pitch.

Document Everything

Customers dislike it when the salespeople forget to address a specific issue or concern that they have mentioned previously. One of the best tactics to make the customer feel happy is to document every interaction in a CRM Software like Apptivo where you can manage a separate database for each customer. By doing so, you will not reduce the scope of losing customers due to miscommunication or incorrect information. This will also move the conversation forward rather than discussing the same topic again and again from the start.

Promote Listening

One of the effective sales skills is to promote listening skills among salespeople. The salesperson should listen to the customers carefully. When the customer feels that their words are heard, they will feel more comfortable with the salesperson and start discussing more the product instead of spending time explaining their requirements repeatedly. Sales managers should focus on improving the listening skills of salespeople and make them speak less and listen more.

Understand Your Product

Get to know your product completely. Sales teams must frequently discuss and share knowledge of the product among themselves and with the product team. Sales managers should also provide periodic training to the salespeople and clarify their queries on your company’s product management process. By doing so, it will give an advantage while interacting with the customers and it becomes easy to gain the advantage of customers effortlessly. When customers realize that the salesperson knows what they are talking about, it is an additional advantage.

How Apptivo Helps With Your Sales Plan

An effective sales plan is a must to structurize the sales strategy and make it a successful venture. To make it possible, sales teams can leverage CRM tools for effective sales management. Apptivo has a cloud suite of sales management applications that assist salespeople in tracking the leads until they become loyal customers. Your equipped sales teams combined with Apptivo’s advanced CRM solutions are an excellent way to deliver a sales strategy plan. The prime advantage of using Apptivo CRM Software is that it enables sales teams to increase the conversion rate and improve the customer experience.

We have listed some of the applications of Apptivo’s CRM Software that will help you in delivering effective sales skills.

  • Leads app – The Leads app of Apptivo is a powerful tool that helps sales teams to capture leads, manage the interactions, and track the performance of salespeople.
  • Opportunities app – The Opportunities app identifies the potential deals that have a higher probability of converting to customers and assist sales teams to work through the deals.
  • Customers app – The Customers app is an effective online database to store all the information pertaining to your customers and access them from anywhere at any time.
  • Contacts app – The Contacts app maintains a database of contacts related to your business. This includes all types of contacts and allows data segmentation based on certain factors.
  • Sales Planning app – The Sales Planning app enables sales managers to strategize their sales plan, define a set of targets, and take appropriate measures to boost the sales conversion
  • Contracts app – The Contracts app is a powerful tool that is equipped with an eSigning feature that allows employees to create sales and retainer contracts. These contracts can be tracked and sent for signature effortlessly.


So, here are the top sales habits that salespeople must put into action to create an effective sales strategy. No matter what the type of products and services is, your sales strategy plays a huge role in determining the success of your product as a first step. It is crucial for a great sales team to know when to stop selling. When you start implementing this process, you can effortlessly increase the conversion rate and reduce sales mistakes.

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