Falken Tire has chosen Apptivo’s app-based business solutions to increase the efficiency in the process of scanning tires.

Apptivo is pleased to announce that Falken Tire has implemented Apptivo’s Supply Chain Application to help streamline Falken Tire’s Quality Assurance and Shipping process for their OEM programs. Apptivo’s cloudbased application provides Falken Tire with a highly effective and innovative way to control during tire scanning as well as the ability to perform analytical analysis, such as tracking productivity by employee.

Apptivo is a cloud-based suite of over 40 integrated business apps covering CRM, Project Management, Supply Chain and Financials.

In regards to the selection of Apptivo, Director of IT Cameron Forbes noted, “We were surprised by the breadth and depth of the Apptivo Suite when we evaluated the solution in comparison to other options. In addition to the capabilities offered by the base product, the suite integrated with our current applications was also easily extendable.

Vice President of Operations Ron Papcun commented, “With Apptivo’s solution, we are able to achieve 100% quality control. Business process changes along with the addition of Apptivo’s application offered a 3x improvement in our time and motion study and will result in huge savings for Falken Tire.

Mr. Forbes added, “The savings promised by the solution was ambitious, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the improvements in action. We’re very pleased that Falken Tire was able to realize immediate and tangible benefits.”

Thousands of businesses in 194 countries use Apptivo’s integrated suite of +40 integrated business apps. Thanks to Apptivo’s focus on providing clients with flexible and customizable solutions, it is possible for businesses to quickly achieve easy to implement, understand and use solutions for their specific problems. This, in turn, leads to great productivity and new opportunities.

Apptivo’s Chief Revenue Officer Vishal Kaushal noted, “Falken Tire is a proven innovator in their field and has already devised many high performance solutions. We are pleased to hear that we successfully have been able to help Falken Tire increase the efficiency of their dock loading operations. That is certainly a game changer, and it is highly satisfying to deliver these results.”

About Falken Tire

Falken Tire is a global, full-line tire manufacturer with a long history of delivering high quality, high value products for cars and trucks. Falken Tire Corporation, the company’s U.S. arm established in 1991, is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The company currently manufactures and markets 14 car and light-truck tire models under seven lines in nine categories and over 300 sizes. The company also makes and sells a full lineup of medium truck (OTR) tires for commercial use. Additional distribution locations are in New Jersey, Illinois, Texas and Florida. Founded in 1983, Falken Tire is a subsidiary of the 105-year old Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd, in Japan. Since its beginning, Falken has utilized the grueling and competitive arena of professional motorsports to develop and improve its multiple product lines of on- and off-road tires. For more information, visit www.falkentire.com or facebook.com/falkentire.

About Apptivo

Based in Plano, TX, Apptivo is a cloud-based suite of 40+ integrated business apps covering CRM, Project Management, Supply Chain and Financials. Apptivo’s integrated suite of business flexible and highly customizable apps are used daily by thousands of business in 194 countries. For more information, visit www.apptivo.com.

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