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There is no substitute for good customer service. Your corporation might offer multiple discounts, coupons, offers, and whatnot. But, it can never replace the feeling that the customers experience after good customer service. Customers are the backbone of businesses and it is the responsibility of owners and managers to make sure that they are never left disappointed. As quoted by Connie Elder, “Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company.” Companies should understand what their customer wants and devise a customer success strategy.

Isn’t it frustrating when your customers come up with repeated issues? How do you feel when they report an agent stating they have missed an appointment? Are you left in a dilemma on how to manage your customers? Is your customer satisfaction score very low? Are you facing increased customer churn? Why is customer success important?. Your teams would have come across such issues throughout the lifetime of your business. Most businesses face these types of problems. However, you have to take measures to stand out from the rest and think out of the box.

Every problem has a solution. Likewise, you could have distinct solutions for different problems. But, here at Apptivo, we offer a unified solution called the Customers App that acts as a problem-solver for all the hurdles that your teams face while managing customer information and customer relations. In this post, we’ll cover the popular features of Apptivo that will your customer management process simple. Here, you can get an overview of customer success management best practices.

Why Apptivo’s Customers App?

The customer relationship management software of Apptivo has everything you need to streamline your entire client management system. It is the best customer management software for never-before productivity and increased profits.
Database Management

According to Research, customers that flourish at customer experience grow 4-8% higher in their revenue compared to their competitors. The fundamental measure for effective customer relations is secure database management. Customers find it disappointing when their data is not stored in a secure location. If their information is compromised, they quit your service. In the worst-case scenario, go for legal action. So, having the right customer management software will increase your customer’s trust in your products and services.

The Customers app of Apptivo is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage all information related to your customers. Right from categorizing your customers based on categories, responsiveness, tags, statuses, markets, and territories, Apptivo has detailed filters to pull out the essential customer information. Furthermore, you can configure detailed rules to remove duplicates and thereby, averting double data entry.

Smooth Collaboration

Communication is the key to an effective client management system. Support and service teams should be backed up with essential tools to manage all the customer interactions. Imagine going through multiple documents and spreadsheets to locate a small issue reported by a customer that is dated a couple of years ago. This exhausts the time of your employees when they can focus on more important tasks. Customers also feel disappointed when they have to wait for a longer period. The issue is small according to the customer as he is unaware of the type of system that is employed behind managing his information.

When you sign up for the customer tracking software of Apptivo, you will certainly not be disappointed. Apptivo offers an omnichannel collaboration medium where you can record all the tasks, call logs, events, notes, and documents of each customer individually. The automation tools allow businesses to send emails in a sequence based on predefined conditions. The ‘Click To SMS’ feature enables customers to send text messages right from the customer profile. In short, all the interactions with a customer are documented exclusively and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Third-Party Integration

When you are running a business, you might leverage multiple software and applications to manage your customer information. There are a number of apps in the market that are advertised for a specific feature. Likewise, companies can also have multiple requirements and they will go for varied applications. In such instances, employees have to access multiple applications every time while accessing customer information. This leads to challenges during customer engagement and employees might not be able to deliver solutions in real-time and customers are put on hold to obtain results.

The customer management system of Apptivo allows corporations to integrate their applications in a single ecosystem. Hence, with little assistance from our team, you can effortlessly bring all your data into a single system. Hence, your employees can focus on improving the customer experience and retention rate. The Apptivo CRM System will take care of all the redundant tasks for automated interaction. One such fine integration is, Apptivo permits secured synchronization with G Suite and Office 365. Through these integrations, all the customer interactions will be made available in a single system for quick access.

Reports & Dashboards

It is a fundamental requirement of companies to measure the conversion rate, customer retention, customer churn, and the performance of their agents. It is not an easy task when there is no proper CRM tool to measure their stats. If you implement a conventional method, it will take more time and use more resources. There are also chances of errors while using conventional methods or reports to measure the performance of your business. Investors will also not invest in your business if the data is not authentic. To eliminate uncertainty, businesses should use a system that uses a scientific approach to measure performance.

Apptivo Customers app, powered by automation, has everything you need to measure the performance of different KPIs for a particular period of time. You can generate reports to measure the revenue from customers, their engagement rate, and other miscellaneous metrics. The Intelligence Dashboard feature of Apptivo leaves no stone unturned in displaying real-time metrics with advanced analytics for an in-depth understanding of your customer database. Through this dashboard, businesses can identify the faults in their system and introduce new methods for better operations.


The significant aspect of Apptivo is that it is an integrated system. It doesn’t focus only on managing customer databases. Instead, it assists you throughout the sales process. With dedicated apps catering to different purposes, Apptivo is the best CRM software to improve customer retention, increase customer satisfaction scores, decrease customer churn, and monitor the performance of your teams.

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