Emotional Intelligence and Improved Sales

There are times when we give signals to people that they don’t tend to pick up and it always feels frustrating when they don’t understand us. It is also frequent for people in your sales teams to not understand the leads. In the same way, it frustrates the leads and results in poor sales charts and dissatisfied customers.

This condition arrives when your sales representatives are too obsessed to talk about your product that they just overwhelm the customers by telling them so much about the product, its features, and your services, etc. Your salespeople need to understand that the only thing the customer wants to know and cares about is how your product would help them rather than listening to a whole list of irrelevant features. Your sales team would be able to understand this when they get to know about emotional intelligence. Let’s discuss what emotional intelligence is, its impact on sales, and how Apptivo helps your salespeople to achieve targets.

What is Emotional Intelligence & its Role in Customer Experience

Emotional Intelligence is a subject having different meanings according to its use in different fields. In psychology, it refers to effective identification, usage, understanding, and management of emotions. But, in business terms, it means effective identification, usage, understanding, and management of emotions of the customers so that you can better relate with them and communicate accordingly to suit their needs. Emotional Intelligence, also known as the Emotional Quotient (EQ) helps your sales teams in managing their own emotions while interacting with customers. Generally, EQ is employed by organizations to know more about the needs as well as the emotions of their customers. EQ can determine the overall communication strategy of your business with your customers and can help improve customer experience.

When talking about customer experience, it refers to the feeling of the customer attached to your brand and that feeling is the result of interaction and relationship they’ve had with your business. That interaction is mainly based on the process of sales representatives talking to customers and making them know how you are offering them the best solution to a problem through your product. And during the process, you must remain aware of the emotional needs of the customers that eventually help you in engaging with the customers in a better way and effectively improve customer experience. As a result, a great customer experience yields customer loyalty as well as promotes your brand.

Importance of Customer Experience For Sales Teams

By now, it is well known that Emotional Intelligence is important for the sales team but let us now see how it affects your sales and why it is so important.

It helps in solving the problems of customers

Good EQ doesn’t make the sales reps force a customer into making a purchase. Rather, an emotionally intelligent sales rep should listen to the concern of a person, identify the problem, suggest to them the solution offered by your product, and then let the person make the decision. In this way, we are promoting a good customer experience and solving customers’ problems.

It helps reduce staff turnover

Firing and hiring of sales reps result in wastage of time as well as costs, as you will need to spend more on their development. But if companies start forming their sales team based on their emotional competence, then they can cut costs incurred on development and training and there wouldn’t be much hiring and firing. Therefore, saving you time and costs.

It helps in increasing revenue

It is seen that well-trained salespeople with developed EQ bring in more revenue to the business as they are more likely to close a deal than a sales rep with low emotional intelligence. Therefore, generating more profit for your business.

Emotional Intelligence is generally considered as a soft skill that may be naturally seen in some people. But, EQ can be developed in your employees by:

  • Conducting regular check-ins with each representative and promoting self-awareness in them.

  • Allowing freedom to your sales reps and helping them in building self-regulation.

  • Encouraging them to become your brand representative rather than being a sales representative.

  • Guiding them to build empathy with customers and be aware of their emotions.

  • Providing Sales training and motivating them to achieve their targets.

How Apptivo helps Salespeople to achieve targets?

With Apptivo’s integrated CRM, you get a platform to encourage emotional intelligence among your employees and enhance customer engagement resulting in increased sales. Apptivo helps your salespeople in improving customer experiences by providing them with features such as:

  • Improved Targeting & Segmentation

    Apptivo features easy customer segmentation and it can also be done based on their emotional connections that would help you in targeting specific groups and improve sales.

  • Improving ROI

    Apptivo CRM allows you to gather valuable customer data using which you can analyze their emotional background with the brand and that results in a better understanding of their preferences regarding a purchase.

  • Quantify the reasons behind customer purchases

    You can create and manage customers’ databases in Apptivo CRM Software, which enables you to quantify the emotional response of customers and understand the nature of their purchases.

  • Introducing KPI’s

    You can use the information available on the Apptivo CRM Software and turn it into actionable data regarding emotionally connected customers and introduce KPIs based on those customers whether they’ll repurchase or churn etc.

Hence, Apptivo CRM lets you collect the right information and collaborate between your sales and marketing in a much better way resulting in improved sales.


Organizations around the world need to see an emotional connection between the customers and their brand. With Apptivo CRM, you can easily manage customer relationships and grasp valuable information regarding customers’ emotional attachment to your brand. And in this way, you can train your salespeople to provide them with great experiences leading to the betterment of your sales.

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