Whether you’re trying to sell information or products, email newsletters can bring incredible results. It’s not always easy, building an email subscriber list. And it’s certainly not easy to reach your first 50 subscribers.

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So, the question remains… Where do you begin?

If you’re a beginner, building an email subscriber list can seem daunting at first. This post will help you to make it less intimidating and get your first 50 subscribers quick.

Here we go!

Note: The steps mentioned below are for new users with no existing email subscriber list.

Share on social media

It’s a no-brainer!

Share your articles/website/landing page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course LinkedIn!

Share it and ask your connections to sign up and share the post if they are interested in what you are working on. You can also ask them to share the post with their connections who would find it more useful.

Message your friends personally

Send a personal message to your friends in the closest circle and ask them to subscribe! Explain how they could benefit from your content and explain what you’re working on and ask for feedback. This could really help in perfecting your brand.

Ask them to share

Like I said earlier, once those friends subscribe, ask them to share your website/blog with their connections who would find it more useful.

This works like a word-of-mouth. They will for sure know at least one person who will like what you are creating and hopefully pass on the word.

That’s it!

Finally, you cannot be closet entrepreneur forever. You have to put yourself out there.


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