In the modern world, everything revolves around the computer industry. We cannot handle anything without those technologies. Now, it has become user-friendly and made easy to access by all kinds of people. Many new software’s were started releasing to help the small scale business to manage their data and finance. Our Apptivo software is one among those which is also user-friendly and it is available in web, tablet & mobile. Here, let us discuss on how the apptivo apps are used in the pharmaceutical industry,

Pharmaceutical industry workflow:

Pharmaceutical companies are playing a vital role in today’s industry. As we know without medicines one cannot survive in this modern world. So here is the sample flow of sales rep who works in the pharmaceutical industry and how the Apptivo apps are going to useful in their day to day life.

CRM in Pharma Industry:

The Apptivo CRM apps are most commonly used for all type of businesses. As the name denotes it helps to relate with the customers to check the progress of the company. In pharma the contacts and customers are the most important aspects of this industry. They want all the details to be in one firm so it can be tracked easily. Our CRM will help them in their needs and the conversion process is also very simple. This will reduce the manual work and the leads can be converted to contacts, customers or opportunities. All the apps in Apptivo are integrated with one another. This CRM app will be mostly used for the sales representative in the pharma industry.


Now, sales representative wants to track the list of physicians who can be noted to prescribe their company medicines and this can be created under the leads app category. Once the leads are created the person will fix an appointment with the physician and check for the potential opportunities from them, then leads can be directly converted to opportunities. Else if the physician are ready to go at the first level the leads will be directly converted to contacts and their details will be saved into the system. This will help them to take a report on how many physicians they have visited on that particular day and how many are directly converted to contacts or how many are still in opportunities. This report will help them to grow their business. Hope you will feel great when you started using in your type of business.

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Expenses Reports:

Fine!! Everyone wants to track their expenses in easy way and also wants the approval should be done fast. Many of us will forget the expenses when it is finally listed out at the month end or mostly the receipts would be lost. So here comes our Apptivo expense reports app which is a simple management solution can be available on web, Android, IOS and G Suite marketplace. It has two categories expense and expense reports. The expense will help the sales representative to track their day to day expense and the receipts can be saved under that. Also, the expense report is used to create the report with the list of expenses which needs the manager approval before sent it to the finance team. For the sales representative, the expenses app will be more useful since they will be visiting many places to meet the particular physician. So their expenses are needs to enter in the correct database and that should be tracked at the correct point of time. Our Expense app would surely suffice their requirements and reduces manual work and loss of receipts.


Hope, these apps would be more sufficient for the sales representative to head the sales and also track the database. You will find it more interesting when you are start using it. We also provide the personal demo, if you are interested to know more about our apps. You can reach us at

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