This week were pleased to announce the details of our latest update. Over the weekend we added a bunch of small new improvements to the CRM applications, in preparation for our continued Version 5.0 rollouts. We’re focusing heavily on the great feedback being provided by our community, and we’re working on packing in as many features as we possibly can. You will continue to see us adding these general improvements into CRM, and we’ll continue to work on a few of our major new V5 conversions.

You can find details about the various CRM improvements made below, but the other big story of this release are a couple new Version 5.0 Apps! Over the weekend we converted our Answers App to V5, in preparation for a top secret feature coming to you soon. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for details on what we are up to. In addition to the new Answers App (and our secret), we are pleased to announce Projects App V5 has entered beta!

If you are a beta tester but haven’t received information yet, hold tight. We’ll be getting in contact very shortly. For anyone else who forgot to register for our beta, it’s not too late. If you send us an email at, I’m sure we can find a place for you on the beta crew!

Awesome new features in this update

  • Quickly change the data shown in your search results with savable view column sets
    View Column Sets
  • Create new records in other applications without leaving the current page with the side panel
    Create From Side Panel
  • Customize the order of your views in the left navigation of each app
  • Many great new customer service reports added to the Cases App
  • Answers App V5 – We’ve added the standard V5 features, but we’re cooking up something special for the next releases.
  • Projects V5 (In Beta – Your current projects app will continue to work the same until we finish beta).

Small bug fixes & user experience improvements

  • Resolved some connection issues faced by mobile app users
  • Increased the number of characters allowed when typing into fields
  • Restricted the creation of new categories by employees in G Suite
  • Resolved some issues related to export data
  • Resolved some issues with the new pulldown menus collapsing unexpectedly for some users

What’s coming in the next release?

In the next release we’ll be focusing on making enhancements to Projects V5 and hopefully releasing it to the public! We’ll also be working on many more general enhancements for the new CRM V5 apps. We’ll be introducing these additional standard features, and then we’ll continue to make these features available in all upcoming V5 apps. We’re also working on the new V5 version of the homepage, which should be ready Nov 23rd.

Last, but not least, we’re working on something big. It’s a common feature that many customers have requested, but we’re taking it to the next level. We’ll be providing more details about what we are up to in our blog over the next few weeks.

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