COVID-19 Trends – Post-Pandemic Channel Strategy

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen a lot of paradoxes around. With the virus still at its raging phase, people around the globe are trying to adapt to the changing situations and plan their way out of the pandemic. The one major aspect where businesses are confused as to plan their future actions and how to plot their post-pandemic strategy. The pandemic has caused every industry to face changes that they must have planned in the years to come within weeks. In this Apptivo blog, you’ll be getting to know how to plan a proper post-pandemic channel strategy with the best CRM system & CRM tools in a cloud business management software suite.

Global businesses have been conscious about shifting their marketing channels online while managing their digital transformation in a very careful manner. They have been using their CRM tools & CRM Software app for better collaboration between their employees and handle customer relationship management in a better way. But the new environment has placed them in a spot that they need to transform their existing strategies and build new ones for the coming future. Therefore, to ensure that your brand has good market exposure and to experience a boost in sales in the post-pandemic period, you need to plan on new strategies and focus on the following key points:

Online selling is the way out

Due to the pandemic, the global sales scenario has capsized, and the focus has shifted from offline presence to online presence of businesses. Many businesses might take it as a temporary change, but it isn’t. This shift to online operations and selling is now the way during the pandemic and after it too. Global lockdown conditions led the buyers to change their buying habits and rely on online sources more than offline ones. And this behavior is going to persist long after the pandemic.

Businesses need to work on establishing their more stable and user-friendly online presence. They need to use their business tools such as CRM software and ERPs to ensure maximum collaboration between their remote employees and offer a frictionless experience to customer journeys. And even for corporate purposes, businesses need to work on how their employees interact and ensure seamless communication between remote employees. With Apptivo CRM apps, you get a centralized customer relationship management system that allows for better collaboration between your employees. It also gives you the advantage of different CRM solutions such as Sales & eCommerce apps to strengthen your digital presence.

Change your way of marketing

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear to businesses that billboards aren’t the best way to get brand exposure. It is due to the increase in online interaction between businesses and customers that marketers have been putting all their resources on online and digital marketing channels. And for sure, it is going to stay that way.

Now, marketing departments in companies can work on more effective marketing methods and track the success of their resources. It lets them have insights on the most effective channels to engage their customers as well as stay side-by-side with changing consumer behavior and environment. Therefore, to align with these conditions, businesses need to use their CRM system app and communication tools in a way that can help them improve digital channels such as Email marketing. Apptivo provides you with a CRM solution that can help you deal with all your online & digital marketing needs in a simplified way.

The new customer wants self-service

The surge in online customer interaction due to the pandemic has resulted in a dramatic decrease in customer-initiated interactions. It is because customers prefer solving their issues by themselves rather than waiting on hold for an agent to help them. It is a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the businesses as customers get their issues solved quicker than normal, and businesses can also have their customer service staff focus on customers with more complex issues. Therefore, having a self-service portal is a must-have for all businesses in the post-pandemic period. Apptivo CRM has an integrated automated HelpDesk app that allows you to have automated chat for your business to enable your customers to solve their issues by themselves. It lets you configure triggers that can control automated actions based on customer actions. So, self-service won’t be an issue for your business with Apptivo.

Focusing more on customer support

With the existing funnel model followed by businesses, the greater focus lies on acquiring more customers. But, the current and post-pandemic period would require companies to focus more on embracing the presence of customers and make them control their actions to attract and engage customers. It would include the companies acting while aiming at long-term customer success and this requires improving the customer journey and providing a great customer experience. Apptivo CRM provides you with the best solution to this. With Apptivo’s cloud contact center and customer management apps such as Leads & Opportunities to monitor the customers’ position in the sales cycle, you can ensure that your customers get the best experience right from their onboarding to their contract renewal period.

So, these were the key points you need to focus on to plan a robust channel strategy for the post-pandemic periods. With severe shifts in the dynamics of industries and the global market, you need to change too. Reducing points of friction for your employees, and meeting their requirements across different channels is way out of pandemic.


The go-to place for customers around the world after the pandemic would be online sellers. It would require companies to work on multiple factors to ensure their market presence in the post-pandemic period. And those who’ll embrace the new strategies are the ones who’ll navigate their way to success after the pandemic.

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