We are happy to announce that this week Apptivo released more features in many apps. A new look was added to the Suppliers app, and we’ve completely revamped our recruiting tools for the recruitment & candidates applications. Customize menu views were added in the Projects and Contacts App. Also, we’ve added one of our favorite features to the Contacts App, our 360 view! We’ve also further enhanced our invoices app by adding additional settings to recurring invoices. As always, we’ve made changes across the board to fix minor bugs and improve performance this release as well.

New Business App Features

This Monday we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. A Perfect new look to the following apps with version 4.0:
    1. Suppliers
    2. Candidates
    3. Recruitment
  2. All Uploads – Select Team email Id in Assignee field.
  3. Included two more Reports in Customers App:
    1. Revenue by Territory
    2. Revenue by Market
  4. All reports provided with new links and tables.
  5. Three new options in Parent Invoice:
    1. History Button
    2. Print PDF in Stopped Invoices
    3. Child invoice has link to view page
  6. Create Invoice Page – Apply button next to Credits.
  7. Partial Payment will show remaining balance in view page and the payment link page (While re-sending an Invoice.)
  8. In Contacts App Settings, Included “Sync contacts from users ‘My Contacts’ group into Apptivo”.
  9. 360 degree view in Contacts App.
  10. Menu Views – By Queue section added to the following apps:
    1. Contacts App
    2. Projects App

Business Tools Fixes

This Monday we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Fix for upload Customers – Missing fields while mapping.
  2. Fix for data loss in Lead Convert – Custom attributes and some fields.
  3. Performance improvements in the following apps:
    1. Leads App
    2. Opportunities App
    3. Cases App
    4. Invoices App
    5. Projects App
    6. Work Orders App
    7. Contacts Sharing
    8. Task Sync

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