We have enhanced the Apptivo business tool through fixing some bugs, and making certain features more efficient. One of the apps we focused on this release was the Work Orders App, where we enhanced several features. One such feature is the new configurable dashboard views, where you can control the menus available in the left column of your Work Orders homepage. One more important feature is the approver concept which allows either employee manager or customer contact to approve a Work Orders.

New Business App Features

This Monday we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. A Perfect new look to the Cases App with version four.
  2. Menus view – By Queue section added to the following apps,
    1. Opportunities
    2. Leads
    3. Cases
    4. Customers
    5. Work Orders
    6. Distributors
  3. Work Orders with Approver, employee manager or customer manager can approve.
  4. 360 degree added to the following apps,
    1. Opportunities
    2. Leads
    3. Invoices
    4. Cases
    5. Customers
    6. Work Orders
    7. Distributors
  5. Two new features enhanced in Opportunities App,
    1. Follow up
    2. Forecast
  6. Reports Section included in these apps,
    1. Invoices
    2. Projects
    3. Opportunities
    4. Customers

Business Tools Fixes

This Monday we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Existing recurring invoice sends out immediately.
  2. Mark as paid logic corrected in Record payment.
  3. Unable to create Timesheets with particular date formats.
  4. Importing bulk contacts aborting the process.
  5. Events and Tasks synced with one day difference for few Timezones.

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