Best Ways To Grow Email Lists For Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important ways to attract customers and grow your business. Whether your business is small or large, email marketing holds the same importance for everyone just because every other marketing channel isn’t much reliable. It is due to the convenience of Email marketing that businesses can easily communicate with their prospects and find a way to convert them into paying customers. And for customers, they just spotted a mail while checking their inbox and found it important to them as they needed that service. So, it brings them directly to the company’s inbox and makes it easier for the business owners to convert them into buyers. But before dropping your best marketing emails, you need to build targeted email lists consisting of potential customers. So in this blog, Apptivo brings you the best ways to utilize your email marketing tools and Email Marketing Software in a way that helps you grow your consumer email lists.

Collecting email addresses from everywhere

One of the best ways to use email marketing tools is to ask as many people as possible to join you. It is possible to use sign-up links on your website and directing the leads directly from web forms to your email marketing software. One of the best ways to do this is to collect email addresses from people at the time of checkout. It is a great way as you can keep your customers updated on different terms as well as can save them in your lists for future purposes. This comes in one of the great methods of Campaign Management as those consumer email lists can be used in different departments and email marketing platforms.

Offering incentives to your subscribers

When it comes to building a subscriber list, people need a compelling reason to subscribe to you even after you constantly ask them to do so. Therefore, an imperative reason such as an incentive is needed to make people decide on being your subscriber. For any business, there are plenty of ways to attract customers, such as by offering special one-time discounts to those who subscribe to your email list. These types of discounts are very effective as it becomes possible for people to save money on the things they were already planning to buy but weren’t sure of. So, a discount may help them in deciding quickly and choosing your brand as the one. You can also use downloadable resources in exchange for their email addresses or free tools in the place of resources.

Using social media for effective subscriber buildup

Unlike email marketing platforms, social media platforms can’t be used as a mainstream way to build a business subscriber list. But it can surely be used to boost the growth rate of your subscribers. Social media posts are a great way to manage different campaigns and promote them on the platform. It is because of the easy reach you get on social media that things get escalated too quickly. You can also use social media pages containing CTA buttons to gather email addresses from people or do promotional giveaways to your audience, in that way building up your subscriber list.

Running email campaigns

An email list generator campaign is a great way to put your efforts into and gain new subscribers for your company. For email campaigns, there are a lot of ways to execute them, but you need good campaign management and proper planning to ensure the campaign’s success. Now let us look at a few strategies to run an email campaign for your company.

  • Social Media Ads: Well-executed social media ads are a great way to turn your audience into your email subscribers. It can easily be done by creating direct adverts containing the maximum value for your target audience. You can also drive your posts to certain landing pages and then work on a proper sequence of emails to build a relationship with your customers.
  • Creating Guest Blogs: Certainly, there are websites out there that host high traffic containing the majority of your ideal audience. So, it is a great way to write guest blogs on those websites and gain subscribers. But you need to ensure that you deliver stellar content and have a plan to drive subscribers effectively.
  • Partnering with brands: It is also a great resort to building your email list. You can work with co-brands having similar target audiences to promote each other’s content. This will help you in gathering a large audience and promote each other.

Create great email content

Now, at last, when you’ve access to all the ways to reach out to your audience, you don’t want to deliver bad content to them. It would result in degrading your subscriber list instead of building it. Therefore, in this email marketing campaign, be aware of the quality of email content you are delivering. It should be of high value to your prospects and should be targeted enough to attract them. And while delivering value to your prospects, your content should also be engaging enough for them to consume it with interest.

So, these were some ways to use your email marketing tools effectively to build your subscriber list. Apptivo CRM comes with an integrated email marketing automation tool that supports email marketing automation. It is one of the best email marketing software available, having access to options that can help you in effective campaign management and building a more robust subscriber list.


Your email list is an extremely valuable asset to your business, and therefore, you need to constantly put effort into building it. This blog has brought you several ways to build a great subscriber list and using Apptivo email marketing, the best email marketing software, you can add up to the process of gaining subscribers. So, with Apptivo, bring the best to your business.

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